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  1. aight its party time this weekend about 7 shots of vodka is this bad
  2. well exercising alot increases growth hormone in your body so maybe thats why your uncle got so tall same problem with me im worried about that side effect but actually ive been growing so ya just excercise alot youll be fine and my derm said the same that it doesnt cause that so its all good
  3. well dam im not doing to good i recently just got over a allergic reaction and since it being memorial day and all i was at the beach for about 5 hours no sunblock which i should of done by the way im on accutane and you are not supposed to do this without sunblock but wow i am burnttttt i look like a lobster how long does this take to go away and wat should i need more advice
  4. oooooo ur a smart one courtney love serisley this sucks anybody give me some advice
  5. so im allergic to grass and today i was lying it all day now i look like im stoned off my ass and my nose is stuffed up like crazy plus im on accutane, question wat meds should i take like a decongestant or allergy pill i just took clartin 24 hour not sure if any of these affect it any advice would be greatly appreciated
  6. Well im into my 4th month almost of accutane only side effects is clearer skin and chapped lips fuckin great stuff xcept i can certainly do without the chapped lips my gf is coming back from a 2 week vacation and theres no way were not gonna make out i need peoples advice i need me smooth supple lips back again aquaphor cures it in liek 3 mins buutttt after it wears off chapped lips come back and im not going to kiss with gooey ass lips advice would be greatly appreciated
  7. yes it does!!! just to give u a idea i had such horrible blakcheads that my nose looked pretty much black in the first month they went away and i havent had one since so yes it very much so gets rid of them
  8. Solodyn (minocycline) Extended Release Tablets Approved: May 8, 2006 Company: Medicis Treatment for: Acne Vulgaris Solodyn is a once daily extended release tablet formulation of minocycline indicated for the treatment of inflammatory lesions of non-nodular moderate to severe acne vulgaris in patients 12 years of age and older. there u have it
  9. ya im gonna stop smokin weed one more question my derm said to stop for 2 to 3 days than move down to 40 or completley stop well im not stopping i want clear skin and im thinkin about just starting tonight go down strait to 40 is that a good idea? also if i stop for a while and start up from the 2 day period will i break out
  10. Im on 3 months 60 mg accutane its clearing me up amazingly but today i freaked out i dont know why really i cant rememeber anything it seems like friends i hung out with were like 2 weeks ago when in fact it was 2 hours ago im super depressed not goin to kill myself but mood swings like crazy non stop the whole day today now i might sounds stupid and this could be answering my question but ive been smokin weed everyday for the last week please anybody i need to know what is going on i cant think
  11. taking anti anixiety medicantion whilst on the tane also melotnonin and b 6 are these safe to take on tane
  12. hey thanks alot nikki333 i just put on my abreva i know if it doesnt work than its probalby a pimple one question if i touch it what will happen
  13. hey ant im about your age maybe a lil older and before accutane me and my buddies would go out and get piss drunk off our asses but now that im on accutane i dont drink ever not worth it to me but i was at my familys party and they had like 5 bars giving out free drinks FREE DRINKS!!!!!! there was no way i could so no so i drank alott one time will not kill you i was fine after that nothing wrong at all
  14. i think i have a cold sore on my lip i got 3 zits around my lip area which were whiteheads and went away but the fourth is this huge zit or cold sore i dont know which i never wanted a cold sore because it means you have herpes but this hasnt shrunken at all and if i try to pop out it hurts reallyyy bad plz any advice
  15. i just used this eucerin redness remover for my face and goddam it fucked my skin up its all red and blothcy this sucks my skin was loookin so good too all i wanted to do was this to get rid of redness and it made it wayyyyyyyyy worse plus im dry as hell now and i used aloe vera to hope to settle it down and its WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY dry now im so mad has anybody ever had something like this happen to them and how did you get rid of it also acne go can kiss my ass who agrees