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  1. thx, i'll really hope it works. if it dont i really dun noe wad to do. can i ask a question? will the medicine and stuff make my skin worse?
  2. i broke out during the december stage, and i started using this csr around febeury, but i'm still not cleared. i am still breaking out and i strictly followed the regimen. my mom brought me to a doctor and they prescribed me antibiotic and a pimple lotion the pimple lotion contains this stuff active ingredients -sulphur precipitated bp 4% resorcinol bp 2% catamine bp 10% others -purified water,talc,alcholc,glycerin,bentonite,caramel,sodum citrate i really wanna cross my fingers on this
  3. i guess its the initial stage breakouts?
  4. i just wanna see comments from ppl anybody care to help!?
  5. i heard that milk contains latic acid, will it help in better getting rid of the red marks if use as an ingredient in a mask? pls help thx
  6. help le? dis forumn nobody wanan help?
  7. since aha which is latic acid helps in red marks and moisturize ur face, den milk which contain latic together with almond and some other home ingredients which my mother form into a mask. if i put in every 2 days 1 time. will it help for my face or will it cause break out?
  8. pls put down ur ingredient list and how to make them and the method of applying. this is best to cool down the face to help relieve active ances and red marks, anybody have ANY RECIPIES TO SHARE OTHER DEN THE USAGE OF BIO oil. pls help pls! TY I'm VERY DEPRESSED BY THE RED MARKS!!!!
  9. will aloe vera gel help wif the red marks? or should i for everynight stop putting bp and juz put moisturizer i am 4months into this csr already, and i mostly have alot of red marks. wad should i do! ARGH very depressed!
  10. but the problem is i am living in sg. how do i get this product man T_T
  11. sld i visit a doctor or derm to request for something that will clear off my red marks. i'm cooped at home because of this acnes red marks. and i have about 3 new acne which are small forming today. hope they'll be gone . soon . and argh i guess 3 more new red marks!!