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  1. Your skin looks great! Keep it up! After an awful winter, I'm glad the hot weather is here for a while. I plan on running about 7 miles every day. Hope your summer goes well!
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  3. Lefm1

    Day 35 Of The Regimen

    Exactly, everyone's skin is different, so people have to make adjustments. 3x a week of AHA only is still too irritating for my current acne, so i'm out of luck lol
  4. Lefm1

    Day 35 Of The Regimen

    It definitely helps in the long run, but because it's an acid, it can cause some irritation to your skin. Not enough irritation that will cause new breakouts, but enough that existing acne will take longer to go away.
  5. Lefm1

    Day 35 Of The Regimen

    I'm having trouble sleeping right now, so why not write a blog post? The breakout I had a few days ago has definitely improved, and most of my acne is gone (only one, small stubborn pimple is left). I've been much more consistent with the Regimen, but I decided to stop using the AHA until my skin is 100% clear of all acne (excluding dark marks). I want to make sure my skin is clear before I start worrying about getting rid of my old acne scars, and I don't want to risk aggravating any current ac
  6. Lefm1

    Day 31 On The Regimen

    Haha it's all good. I thought that was the case, so I just went along with it lol. Thanks for the response though!
  7. Lefm1

    Day 31 On The Regimen

    I'm definitely gonna stay more consistent with the Regimen, I think that's the key to staying clear. And I trust you, thanks for the encouragement . And I'll post those pictures soon You prob won't believe me when i say that the flakiness was awful. It was like a snake's skin peeling. Like cereal. No joke. But really i'm glad that Night mare/phase passed, and it should never come back!! Oh I know exactly what you're talking about, it seemed like the dead skin covered my entire face.
  8. Lefm1

    Day 31 On The Regimen

    I'm definitely gonna stay more consistent with the Regimen, I think that's the key to staying clear. And I trust you, thanks for the encouragement . And I'll post those pictures soon
  9. Lefm1

    Day 31 On The Regimen

    Most of my blogs here have been pretty optimistic, but I think this one takes a different approach. In the past few days, even though my skin is better than usual, I've gotten a few pimples on the side of my nose and my cheeks. I might need to up the dosage of my BP to start clearing up more. I also missed a dose or two because of traveling home from college, so I'm guessing that contributed to it. I'm surprised that these breakouts happened so quickly, and it disheartens me a bit, but I'll try
  10. Well, time definitely flies. It's been one month since I've started the Regimen, but it only feels like I've been using it for a week. In the beginning, I saw my acne clear up fairly quickly, but developed a bad dryness problem. That dryness led to some embarrassing flakiness, but by using some new products like jojoba oil and AHA, the dryness has significantly decreased, and I have virtually no flakes. At this point, my skin is pretty clear, but I still have some work to do. My goal is to get r
  11. Lefm1

    Day 26 Of Regimen

    Thanks, good luck to you too!
  12. Lefm1

    Day 26 Of Regimen

    Day 26 and I'm pretty clear aside from one or two pimples that are very small and are already going away. Used AHA for the first time last night, and my skin feels much smoother, and my flakiness and dryness are basically gone. Haven't noticed any further fading of dark marks, but I think it will come as I continue using the AHA.
  13. Lefm1

    Day 22 Of Regimen

    Thanks for the tip! I definitely don't want to get into the burning phase again I don't really have any pictures from before the start of the Regimen, so I don't know how much good that would do lol
  14. Lefm1

    Day 22 Of Regimen

    About 3 weeks in, and my skin is entirely clear aside from a few fading dark marks. Once and a while my skin gets a bit dry and flaky, but i'm managing. Still waiting on the AHA to arrive, so I'll probably start incorporating it by the beginning of next week. I'll probably try using half AHA and half moisturizer every night rather than AHA alone every 2-3 days just to ease it in to my routine.
  15. Lefm1

    Day 17 Of Regimen

    Day 17, and my face is pretty much cleared up at this point (aside from some old acne scars). I started using jojoba oil with my moisturizer, and it seems to have helped with the flakiness. Planning on using AHA+ soon, as my face has cleared and I've gotten used to the Benzoyl Peroxide. I'll start off very slowly, but I think the AHA will be thing I need to get rid of the dark marks from my old acne.
  16. Lefm1

    Day 14 Of Regimen

    Day 14, and it seems like most of my acne is gone. There are still some dark marks from old acne on my cheek, but I think that will clear up eventually. The biggest problem I'm dealing with at this point is extreme dryness/flakiness. About 10 minutes after using moisturizer, my skin gets really dry again. Reapplying doesn't seem to do much good. Considering using jojoba oil to help, and maybe adding in AHA in about a week or 2.
  17. Lefm1

    Day 7 Of Regimen

    Day 7 of the Regimen. This will be the last day of putting on benzoyl peroxide once a day, and will use it twice a day for the rest of the Regimen. Skin is starting to get dry and flaky, so I have to use moisturizer a few times a day. Noticed 2 pimples pop up, but they're not that bad. Not much acne in general though, just have to worry about the flakiness.
  18. Lefm1

    Start Of Regimen

    Started the Regimen on 2/7/14. Had a number of pimples and acne before the start, but nothing too serious. I am currently on Day 3, and am using the treatment only once a day for the first week. My face gets a bit red and irritated, but apparently that's normal. No significant changes yet (also normal), but my face does seem to glow a bit more. Could be due to the moisturizer since I had very dry skin before starting the Regimen. I'll blog again in a few days or when something important comes up