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  1. I can tell you that at first you kind of hate life as you get some of the side-effects and breakout a little more than you had going into the treatment, but I'm 2 months in now and the area that was my biggest concern and pretty much the only reason for going on tane is completely clear. My only concern now is that my skin kind of has that flushed look a lot of the time which is really damn annoying! If it wasn't for that I'd stay on accutane as long as I could!
  2. I was looking at this rosacea product and was just wondering if it could actually help red skin during accutane or if there would be some bad effects from it. Any input would be greatly appreciated! here
  3. My face has been a little better lately, but it's still having a bit of trouble. The area's on both sides of my chin are kind of the problem. They get occassional pimples, but both area's are just more red than the rest of my face and it just kind of stands out. I'm looking to get rid of those #1, but I am nervous to give other things a try because what I'm doing now is keeping the bumps away. I kind of have that oily/dry combo skin where the area around my chin gets extremely dry, but other are