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  1. I finally found a moisturizer that works really well! It's 'EltaMD AM Therapy Facial Moisturizer'. Mind you it's pricey, but it rates really low (<2) on the COSDNA rating. and It does a great job moisturizing. Not sure where you live - but there is also one made by 'CeraVE' , also the AM moisturizer which is a lot cheaper but also works very well and is non comedogenic. Good luck.
  2. You could try an oil like jojoba or hemp oil. Coconut oil seems to break a lot of people out and I have personally never heard of milk as a moisturizer. Jojoba oil (which is available on this site as part of the Regimen) doesn't agree with everyone either so it can be trial and error. Hemp oil is the only oil that has an "0" rating on the comedogenic scale which means there is absolutely nothing in it to clog your pores or irritate your skin. Good luck.
  3. Sorry to hear about your outbreak. I have heard of people getting acne from fish oil pills, especially if they are not of high quality they can even be rancid. What type were you taking? Never heard of zinc or vitamin d causing acne but that doesn't mean it can't happen. And you didn't change your diet at all?
  4. It usually takes 3-6 months to see the full effect of BP so if you have only been on it for a month then you need to give it more time. Don't give up on it and try something else just yet. You need to be patient, even if it is hard. After 4 months of using BP if there is no improvement then you might want to try something else. Just my opinion. Good luck.
  5. My daughter had moderate acne and her dermatologist told her not to use her clarisonic mia brush (which she had just bought!) because he said it would most likely not help her acne and could very possibly make it worse. He said even the softest brush to use with the mia 2 can cause irritation for people who have acne and spread the bacteria around. He feels that gentle is better so she just washes her face with her hands (not even a washcloth). Her face has improved greatly (she is also using t
  6. I am not a doctor but it sounds to me like your acne is completely hormonal. I say this because the times you mentioned that your skin got worse, when you had an abortion or stopped taking birth control pills, are all times when your hormones are thrown out of wack, plus the fact that when you took Diane 35 it cleared you up. No antibiotics will clear it up and keep it clear, plus it is not good to be on antibiotics for a great length of time (again I am not a doctor but everything I've read su
  7. If the witch hazel contains alcohol then it is not good to use as it may just cause more irritation. Why are you not leaving the benzoyl peroxide on overnight? It is probably having little if any effect if you just leave it on for 5 minutes. Just my opinion. Have you seen any improvement in your skin?
  8. Hi I tend to agree with megtree, you seem to be using too many strong products at once. My daughter was prescribed a retinol by her dermatologist and a bp product (Benzaclin) and was told to use the bp in the morning and the retinol at night only, and never use them together (as megtree mentioned) because the bp can render the retinol ineffective. However if you are finding success with your regimen then I am not trying to dissuade you from continuing. Good luck.
  9. Hi, My daughter used the Eminence line of products for about 6 months (at the advice of the lady at the spa where she gets her facials) and this is what she found: -she like the way the products made her skin feel -she felt good about using products which were supposedly 'organic' HOWEVER -her skin (acne) did not improve whatsoever -when she looked up the products on www.cosdna she found that they all had ingredients that were irritants and chemicals and were not actually 'organic' at all
  10. Which birth control are you on? Some actually make your skin worse so you need to be on the one that is right for your hormone imbalance. Do you moisturize? Use any natural exfoliants? (ie. baking soda) My daughter was prescribed Benzaclin by her dermatologist after trying numerous other topicals and by three months of use she was 90% clear. ( Of course different products work differently for everyone)
  11. My daughter used Aczone for three months and saw no improvement, but everyone reacts differently so it may work for you. Her dermatologist then put her on Benzaclin and within 2 months her face has cleared up 90%. She has never tried Ziana so I can't comment on that. Hope you find what works for you!
  12. Your acne is very mild and you are a pretty girl regardless. Looks to me like maybe you just need to us a topical that contains either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to dry up the small blemishes. What are you currently using on your face?
  13. Just wondering which birth control you are on because some actually do make acne worse (usually the ones that are high in androgens). You can check on this site www.cosdna to make sure that your makeup is really non-comedogenic and that your face wash etc does not contain any irritants.
  14. Hi You sound like my daughter, she had a lot of trouble finding a moisturizer that she likes, that didn't cause breakouts and was moisturizing enough after applying her topicals. But she found one that she loves it is EltaMd AM Therapy Facial Moisturizer. If you check o cosdna it has no irritating ingredients. If you want to use an oil as a moisturizer try hemp oil it is 0 on the comedogenic scale. Good luck!
  15. Try and not be too anxious because in my opinion stress can make your skin worse. Despite the many horror stories you read about people breaking out badly after going off bc pills (which I believe are true) it does NOT happen to everyone! Keep in mind that people are more likely to comment if they have had a very negative experience. My daughter went off birth control last fall and her skin has remained the same as while she was on it - not 100% clear but about 80% clear which was exactly the