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  1. I have been clear for well over a year. Your moisturizers suck imo. Cetaphil made me go to the ER due to an allergic reaction. I use the same basic bar. Same BP. LAC HYDRIN 5 Works great. But it bleaches your eye brows after about 6 months.
  2. Ive been cruisin on this regimen for about 1 1/2 yrs now. My eyebrows are becoming quite bleached, and I have even gotten comments that I have been getting too much sun. Little do they know... Morn/Evening routine: Basic face wash bar Dan's benzoyl peroxide (1 finger length) lac hydrin 5 Btw, my face has been 99% clear for 1 and 1/2 yrs. How do you guys prevent eyebrow bleaching? Is it due to a combination of the bp and lac? I hesitant to change anything because of the great results I have be
  3. Before I keep on using this stuff for another 3 months, this is the right stuff everyone here is referring too, right? http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...UY-PLST-0-BRAND
  4. yeah, thats sux about the spf, but thanks for the feedback. those who are using lh5, do u add spf? I live in arizona, yeah......
  5. So ive been mostly absent the last 3 months from these forums, the regimen working great, but! my beautiful eucrin supply is just about depleated. fuck. What is currently known as the best alternative to eucerin for moisterizing? What comes closest to eucerin?
  6. Thanks! Hmm I had an alergic reaction to cetaphil once( went to ER, couldnt see) soo I guess Ill try the neutragena. So Eurecin has no products out that are similar to skin renewal? thats dumb
  7. So I have an internship this whole summer in cologne germany. I just bought 5 bottles of Dans BP, so that should be good. But i only have 1.5 bottles of Eucerin Skin Renewal left! Its discontinued, so I have to either find a site still selling this stuff and buy a bunch or find an alternative and stock up for the summer before I leave. Suggestions on what to do??? thanks!
  8. Im seeing a band called cat power this weekend actually, haha. Thanks, im just going to try and compltely not stress about it( i will be stoned most of the time ) and just wash and put aha and lotion on and If i can squeeze some bp on there. i was hoping for a perfect solution ,but ill just chill and do this, prob good to take a break from bp any ways for a couple of days.
  9. yeah using stuff like alpha hydrox got rid of the stuborn zits on my face that wouldn't go away after the first month or two, but the red marks are still there, slowly fading.
  10. yeah wake up at 11 am, shower, then walk over to concert fields and stay there till midnight
  11. yeah... only problems are: inside tent temps are like prolly ~ 110-115 F, soo I will be very sweaty and it might be hard to absorb the bp and moist, ALSO im sharing a tent with a few people soo it might be sort of akward doing that around soo many people, AND I wont be able to wash my hands to kill bacteria after the shower( tho i suppose i could use antibacterial hand gel crap)...yeah soo its prolly do able i guess, just really annoying.
  12. This weekend Im going to a music festical in the middle of the desert with only tents and gross portible showers( with a limited use time ~10 mins). WTF am i going to do with the CSR? Anyone have any tips on how to survive and not break out for 2-3 days in difficult circumstances? its going to be hot as hell and i will be fucked up the whole time, haha. my regimen: basis face wash dans bp alpha hydrox lotion and euracin
  13. thanks guys!!!!! nah didnt have the motivation to post photos, but i promiss its working well.
  14. Back when I started, emotionaly I was a mess and didnt have alot of confidense( esp. if this thing was going to work). I forgot to mark the start of it, but it feels like its been 2-3 months. I have gone from mild-mod acne to 1 zit a week sorta deal. I just wanted to give those who are in the on set of this regimen( first week-month or two) to keep going and not give up! My confidense and happiness has sky rocketed and dont think about my face anymore, hurray! My Regimen: Basis Bar Soap Dans B