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  1. Thank you, Austra, for the compliment. I have not considered purchasing LED lights due to the cost (hundreds). I have been using my True Radiance 1% retinol and 10% Vitamin C (product also has green tea, lactic acid, and other ingredients) and I've been enjoying the results. I'm actually waiting on a bottle of 12.5% TCA that I ordered from MUAC. The Vitamin A and C serum will help with both pre-rolling and pre-chemical peeling. I'm going to start low and work high with TCA. I'll probably start
  2. I'm going to see an esthetician about a chemical peel. I think that I'm a good candidate. Does anyone else think so? I'm also about to start using True Radiance Vitamin A & C Serum (retinol 1%). I'm determined to finally rid myself of my remnance of harsh acne.
  3. Check out my thread below: "Dermarolling and Shallow Scar Log." You could try dermarolling. Tips after doing it: Use a good Vitamin A and C serum (I am about to start using True Radiance Vitamin A & C Serum). Roll vigorously with a 1.5 mm roller. Take oral Vitamin C. PM me if you have more questions. If you have the money ($3k) I'd suggest doing something like Fraxel Re:pair. Oh yeah, dermarolling also takes a long time (like 6 months to a year) to start seeing results.
  4. BTW, I just bought True Radiance Vitamin A & C Serum after this post, and an older one on acne.org, definitely sent me in the direction of Vitamin A and C (and a stable/low pH version of C). I'm pretty psyched. Even with just taking Vitamin C orally and using a super cheap OTC Neutrogena product (that contains retinol aka Vitamin A), and using a $30 ebay bought CP/HA serum, I've seen results from derma rolling. So there. Now I'll see even more results, for which I thank you. Oh, the True
  5. Clearwaters, is it really necessary to have a non-acidic vitamin C, though? Panic!!, does acidic vitamin C inhibit collagen growth?
  6. Wow, thanks for the great information! Can you, or anyone else, recommend some reasonably priced topicals that fit this category? Where can one find "non-acidic" vitamin c cream?
  7. Hello all! Well, I've been rolling now approx. once every 4 weeks since I last posted. Over the past 6 months I have definitely noticed a "filling effect" going on with my rolling/boxcar scars. The first picture that I posted really shows the bad skin texture and scars that I've dealt with. I can definitely say that rolling has atleast created some improvement since that first picture was taken. My original rolling scar that is very obvious in the first picture has definitely been reduced as n
  8. Deleted. This picture was a bad representation (still swollen).
  9. Yeah, I've read that repeatedly, but I've been trying different ways of doing it. I have to say, I rolled 2 weeks apart this time, and I definitely have seen a reshaping of my scar tissue. The rolling scar is definitely narrowing. I don't know if this is finally the rolling catching up or what. I will post a picture with the same lighting and angle tonight. In the "50% of you don't need to treat your scars!" post, it was just stated that 8 - 10 weeks apart per rolling session (they are spe
  10. I've used a 2.0 and 1.5 mm. I have not found that there is any worsening of my scars. I go pretty hard these days too. Check my dermarolling log out thread out. I am definitely interested in reading the threads that had posters saying that it made their skin texture worse. Can you post links?
  11. I think my only topical was the garnier OTC vit C/anti-sun-damage cream. Length was 2.0! I only rolled a couple of times and didn't see much improvement. This time I'm going to do it hard, and for a decent length of time, and try to do it every 2 - 4 weeks.
  12. I guess I'll chime in, as I'm one of the recent posters with "one boxcar scar" (actually I have 3 on my right cheek). I must first add that, as long as I've been lurking on this forum, this topic of "Your skin is fine, leave it alone, this is what happened to me" seems to be a recurring one. Don't the regulars around here hate recurring topics? If there's not a spectacular, archived or highlighted topic that covers this issue, there should be. Is there really any gauge that tells people if they
  13. I'm questioning whether a Jessner Peel and/or a 20-25% TCA peel would actually be the way to go to treat my uneven texture and shallow/rolling scars that I show above. I just ordered 50% TCA to try on the largest scar that I have. I'm wondering if this is the way to go tough... Ugh. I have a love/hate relationship with trying to self-treat my scars. However, I am skeptical of dermatologists and them being a waste of money. I have not had good experience in the past. I know there's a cure o
  14. For approximately 3 months, I'd say. I've maybe seen 5-10% imrpovement. I also dermarolled approximately 9 months to a year ago and saw very little improvement. The difference, however, is I'm using copper peptides this go around.