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  1. make sure if u are using this method in the shower that the hot water isnt smacking u in da face, it may irritate your skin if its too hot.
  2. im so lonely right now.... i have a girlfriend and she is very beautiful girl like a godess but i live so far away from my friends and they always stay home and never go out, doesnt give me much choice since they are also geeky. i live with my girlfriend but sometimes i feel she gets bored of me, im doing everything i possibly can but somehow i feel it isnt enuf. at times she goes out with her frens but i feel so left out because her frens and her speak another language and she doesnt really
  3. just cut the hair -_- doesnt matter if ur into punk and watever, just cut it short so that it cant even cover ur forehead
  4. aloe vera feels so soothing on my skin, doesnt do anything or affect any of my facial features
  5. be strong, im sure you will be fine, focus on something to relieve your worries
  6. just pretend u dont even have any negative put offs, go and talk to ppl joyfully and happily. people will think "wow this guy is so nice and cheerful, what a good guy" jsut try it, it never hurts to try. even if somebody disses u, just ignore it. dun let it bother u
  7. why give up? its too easy... even though i have a hot gf, doesnt mean im relatievely happy with her, wud u be happy if u knew that ur gf was telling otherguys that she is single....and then u see other guys trying to hit on her, then when u see this, u confront these guys and she tells you not to start a fight....sigh so annoying
  8. my parentz are divorced and my mum is crazy and nags about money to me everyday and tells me every single one of her problems everyday and repeats them every single day... thats my life. and she keeps asking for money from me all the time and im only 18...that is my life... i want to move out soon
  9. umm can u specify wat cream ur talking about?
  10. wtf stopped oil production? thats a new one
  11. all rnb love breakup songs.. and songs about loneliness and sadness and being alone and feeling like shit cause ur not with that special girl anymore.... sigh.... ill never get over this...
  12. lol i just broke up and i feel like shit, but hey grats and i hope all goes well my relationship broke up cause its like so so complicated that its one of those stories that would be in the movies