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  1. I wrote about this in the "Ask a Dermatologist" thread. I posted pretty much all the studies done on low-dose Accutane, certainly all the ones i could find. Looking at it completely objectively i think it's a real practical solution. The dermatologist didn't agree, but in truth her only argument was "i don't agree because that's what I've been told". It's disappointing she was unable to think for herself. I did some more research and while i couldn't find any more studies I did find an endorseme
  2. I can't understand why you would still think that? along with "dried on sebum", and "drinking hydrogen peroxide" it has to be one of the worst theories i've ever heard. Apart from the fact that it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, why are you fixed on this notion that acne requires a purpose? What's the biological purpose of cystic fibrosis or down's syndrome? What's the biological purpose of being bald or ugly or stupid? I don't mean to get at you, i like your posts and when i'm skim readi
  3. IGF-1 and Betacellulin are present in whey protein [1,2]. I think more so in concentrates than isolates. I don't think they are in casein protein but isn't casein protein sometimes a mixture of whey and casein? A1 beta casein protein, has been linked to all kinds of nasty things such as heart disease, diabetes and autism. I doubt many casein protein powders are made with A2 milk.
  4. Prove that hormones can be ingested by food and make it to the blood stream. Give me scientific references that diabetics and hormone replacement therapy have been fallacious to inject hormones all these years. Once you realize this is impossible, please stop spreading this utter (lol) nonsense. Why do I have to prove anything? I didn't tell anyone else to drink it, nor did I say it was the be all end all for acne. I just know what I'm drinking and I know that it hasn't made me break ou
  5. I'm ugly, fuck off.