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  1. I tried this but it just leaves a white spot that wipes off as soon as I try to apply my foundation. I let it dry for 25 mins and lightly brushed my foundation over it. What brand of bb cream and brush do you use? I'm just not having any luck.
  2. Yup, I saw a scar filler product on Anderson Cooper's show a while back called Dermaflage. I did a lot of research on it and decided to place an order, I'll post a review of the product if I have success with it, I heard you have to carefully follow the instructions but it's supposed to completely fill in acne scars.
  3. Hi, which products are you using for your parasite cleanse? I've always been interested in doing one myself, but haven't been able to find any clear instructions. How do you know you're completely free of them, how long should the cleanse last for?
  4. In 7th grade a boy who sat across from me in class, asked if I "ever shower" because I have "like a hundred zits". Since of course if you have acne that automatically means you aren't hygienic..
  5. Cool, I'll be looking forward to that!
  6. I was thinking about going on this coconut oil fast for 3 days . It's anti-candida related.
  7. As weird as it sounds, do a search here on 'monistat'. Loads of people swear by it, it's in the feminine isle, or if you don't want to risk the embarrassment you can always order it online.
  8. I have this really unusual skin condition that's replaced my bad case of acne. I call it 'dandruff of the face'. That's the only way I can think of describing it...overlyproduced oil, turns into clumps of dead skin the very next minute. scrub off the scum with my finger. And it goes on and on and on. I don't know what to do with myself *shakes fist*
  9. Yes, I actually remember your story! I've been sufferering with chicken pox scars all my life too. Could you also PM me the doctors info, I will be eternally grateful
  10. Good question. How about with the intentions of making pizza? (not directed at OP)
  11. What kind of olive oil do you use? does it have to be organic or something specific? because I buy mine from traders joe. Sorry if this was already asked.
  12. I personally don't mind using Retin-A forever. As long as it will keep hideous scars at bay, it's a god send. Question, can you spot treat the scars or do you have to apply retin-a all over the face?