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  1. Hello to all , I went to my family doctor with very high hopes for my mild stubborn acne. I have been prescribed Minocin(antibiotic) once a day and i am applying Differin gel 0.1 % at bed time and Clindoxyl gel in morning and its my 8 week now ,still no big improvement but now along with red pimples i do have large number of blackheads on my cheeks (before this treatment i don't have blackheads ) is this because of this treatment :s It seems like nothing is working for me i wash my face dail
  2. hey all , i have mild acne since a year mostly on chin area and forehead so i decided to see a doctor , my GP prescribed Minocin 100 mg once a day .its my 8th day on minocin 100mg and today i observe very ting pimples all over my face . My acne is incresed alot what should i do should i stop taking this medicine