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    My Boyfriend, his music and my little God Daughter
  1. hey elsewhere, if you can get the Roc systems I tell its grate, my Mam also use it on her skin (shes nearly 60 and her skin looks really good so it works on wrikles too) I wanted to ask if that Pro active stuff was good buy I didnt want to buy it with out askin first cause i have to get it on the net and i think when you buy it of their site you end up having to buy it every month and i rellly dont want to do it. So if you know where i can get it that would be grate :)
  2. Hey Akira, Cool name just like the manga :) Differin Adapalene will get clear of them for you, its really good stuff. I Think you can get it from the net not to sure though but it really is good stuff, especially for them little F*Ckers ;)
  3. Hi, I gess Im new to this Site Also Just want to tell you that I bought two home facial systems. The first is Roc Renewex MicroDermabrasion Expert System and the Beautiko Oxygen Facial System. (ps not expensive to buy, I paid about 90 euros for them) They have done wonders for my skin. I usally suffer around my jaw line but since using the Renewex my skin has really cleared up. I only got the Oxygen facial System about a week ago. I think they are only new on the maket over here (Ireland)