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  1. I'd also be curious to know if anyone has any good results with those oxy chill factor pads??
  2. Wow your from chicago too, hit me up if you ever need help with that..jk
  3. What kind of un-coated aspirin are you guy's/gal's using because all I've been able to find is the coated kind??
  4. So you think this would be worse on your skin compared to dial bar soap
  5. That's what I thought also, I just started a post about johnson & johnson purpose gentle cleansing wash which I was interested in trying..
  6. I was just wondering what your thoughts were on this product. I have pretty mild acne and have been using bar soap my whole life until recently a friend of mine told me to try this. I'm wondering how my face will react to it just because I have a combination skin tone it's dry/oily and pretty sensitive, but she seems to think it will work fine..