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  1. I’m thinking about getting on Accutane, wether my Dr. prescribes it to me or not I I can get it it. Anyway I’m concerned about the initial break out period. Do you have to have one. Sometimes I could go months without acne and then a huge cyst pops up or a couple of white heads. The cysts are more of a concer because they leave scars. This has been going on the last 3 years and even though I don’t always have acne I know eventually a cyst will pop up. I have tried all of the
  2. I probably look in the mirror about thirty times a day. I really don't have acne just scars, and I usually just look to see how bad/worse they look in different lighting. I own about 10 mirrors of different shapes and sizes. It's so funny, when I had normall looking skin I rarely looked in the miror. I'm probably going to get in an accident one day because I'm always looking in different mirrors when I'm driving.. This sucks.
  3. Where do you purchas the 6% TCA at , does Mendy hae a website . Thanks
  4. I'm black i'm about the complextion of kobe bryant and i have had a few . I have a few more to go. I havent really had a problem yet with hyperpigmentation but I 've only done it on low levels so far. Regardles, I would trade hyper for scars any day. I think th results have been minimal so far but I have a few more to go.
  5. I have a lot of very minor scarring, which is not very deep at all, but still looks bad. I was tryingto do a bunch of chemical peels over time to provide some improvement. I thinkg his is a better idea because it's very cheap and the risks are minimal. So if it doesn't work I lose 20 bucks, which is a lot better than throwing money away on micro -dermo or smooth beam.. My questions is Should my skin peel after doing a chemical peel? I know this probably sounds stupid but I've been using the 40
  6. I dont know what will work but I know microdermabrasion does absolutely nothing for acne scars. Please dont wast your money
  7. Where can I buy 100% TCA online
  8. How much did you pay for your dermabraasion from Dr Y, I'm curious because I'm actually from N.O and I'm tired of all these treatments that dont work
  9. I have an unopened 0.1% that I will give away for free. I don't like this stuff.
  10. I think you may be confusing micro-dermabrasion with dermabrasion. You will probably be able to get micr-dermabrasion done, but it will do little to decrease your scars, just your money. Dermabrasion will help but its expensive and could actually cause more problems. You do need to be off accutane for a year to get this done. I have been hearing alot about Smoothbeam, do a search on this board and i'm sure you'll find some information. You will also need to be off accutane for 1 year to get this
  11. I am black and I cannot use razors either. This is actually a disease called 'psedu barbicullus' or something like that. Seems like you need to stop using razorz too. Seems like the razor bumps are causing the majority of your problems. I use a product called Magic Shave. There are different types. The one I use is a paste, there is also one which you have to mix with water, but in my opinion that is too much work. Anway, all you do is put it on your face and leave it for 7-10 minutes, then sc
  12. Yeah I agree, If I had to choose 20 choose 20 years off my life for perfect skin I would do it. I do not know why I am cursed with this horrible disease. The weird thing is I had perfect skin up until, I was 26 years old. I did absolutely nothing to get it either. No special soaps, or medicine. I am now 28 years old and it has been an ongoing battle. For about the past 4 or 5 months I have been a recluse since my skin has been the worse. Another weird thing is also, now I have a job where appea
  13. Who knows what really causes acne. It works for him so good luck. Maybe its not the masterbation, it could be something mental.
  14. Joshua, stop acting like a childish punk bitch. Congratulations on having clear skin, but to put ENVYNCC down because he chose to use Irish spring soad is stupid. I have acne now too, i'm 28 years old. I noticed when I had clear skin nothing made it worse. I washed my face with any kind of soap and usually none at all. I'm in the military and there were points where I couldn't wash my face or shower at all for like a week. I have even noticed now that if I don't use any products at all for a
  15. My skin was fairly decent by my standards. I started to use retin-A micro because I heard it helped with scarring, and I still did have some minor acne. Big Mistake, My skin broke out the worse its ever been. I know retin-A makes your sking worse before it gets better, but i'm not messing with it anymore.
  16. Acne isn't normal, outside of teenagers, even 8 pimples. You have tried everything else and it isn't working. Accutane is the only long term solution, ask for it.
  17. Come on, I'm sure your happy about your new skin, but there is no reason to gloat. what is the purpose of this post.
  18. Come on dude, I can understand being upset about acne or scars, because people have to see your face, but your back??? Keep your shirt on. I guarntee if a chic is gonnna give you some ass, she wont just stop becuz you have a few stretch marks. If you really care, work out alot get some muscles and I doubt any chic will care when its time to bang. I dont take my shirt off in public anyway, because i'm fat. You really need to stop tripping.
  19. Dude i'm a black guy too, and you're not ugly. Dont worry about the dark spots on your face. Trust me, the will blend in once the acne stops. If your acne is severe and you are scarring demand accutane, all that other shit is garbage.
  20. Then thing with acne on your penis, nobody has to see it if you don't want to. Acne on your face everybody sees it. But serious, you might want to get that shit checked out , that isn't normal. I'm thinking genital warts, and there is no cure for that shit.
  21. I wish I could masterbate 6 times a day. Perhaps you have high testosterone. I'm 28 now, and I've never busted off no more than 3 nuts a day, and thats having sex or masterbating, even when i was 27
  22. Yeah, microdermabrasion is fine right after accutane, but dermabrasion is a big no no .