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  1. Good Luck, hope it works out for you! And if you need anymore advice don't hesitate to ask! cheers - i'll keep u posted with updates - it's actually clearin up a wee bit now - always seems to during the summer!! dunno why tho!? x
  2. i can vouch for that. they soak it up like an elephant to water - they're use IS more than just rollin' joints!
  3. seany


    This be me - some of the photos have been photoshopped for website usage.
  4. ur not too bad urself cheers for the advice guys - i'll not bother with the freederm to start with. i didn't know the other one's were behind the counter. was wondering whether belfast could be so crap as to not have anywhere in the city centre that doesn't have any of these products, but now i know. time to get my bro's credit card for that BP order...
  5. i was on roaccutane about 6-7 years ago - mainly because i had bad acne not only on my face but also on my back and shoulders. this made impossible to sit back in a chair without bursting one mother of all cysts - of which there were many. i was on it for about 6 months (can't remember the dosage), and while the acne on my back has never returned, it never really sorted out my face. and recently, my face has just gone into what seems like terminal decline. it is red on the cheeks, nose and foreh