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  1. For 5 week i was using the gel in the monring and differin at night but then at the start of this week i switched to BP twice a day and it is working so good... no more acne is forming and no more clogged pores are forming.. its wonderful and im glad i quit that shitty ass differin.. f'in stuff sucks!!!!
  2. k well im just gonna use BP mroning and night for this next week and i wanna see if my skin will improve a shit load instead of getting break outs still with using differin for 5 montsh now.
  3. WEll i have Dans BP and i think if i started using that morning and night taht would clear me up i think.. so yeah ive been on differin for 5 months and if it was working by now i shouldnt be having these breakouts still. so i think i will switch to Dans BP morning and night from now on.. Do you think thats a good idea or will i break out from not using differin.. i meen the BP will be killing the beacteria like crazy so i really shouldnt breakout. should i give it a shot for about a week and s
  4. im getting the same breakouts as when i used before i started using differin.. so does that meen its not working?
  5. to what point is differin working... like ive been using differin for close to 20 weeks here and im using Dans BP in the morning but yeah i am still getting pimples consistently.. lkike i will get one and another one will form so thats two active ones and tehn when they clear up i will get another 1 or 2.. so is the differin not totally working? or is it just helping out a tiny bit. Cuz i am very close to switching to Dans BP morning and night but im worried if i stop using differin i will break
  6. Differin has kept me clear to a point but i still get pimples so i might just start using Dans BP ever second night and alternate with diffferin and see waht happens.. but still use BP in the morning to. BUt i still want to know the answer to my question.. does anyone know if BP and differin cancel out eachother if put on together?
  7. I have been using differin for a while now and im also using Dans BP in the morning but my question is: Can i put Differin on at night and then wait till its absorbed and then put Dans BP on right after? Will i get effects out of both or will it just cancel eachother out
  8. yeah okay i guess i wil be more patient and not wipe it on a towel but how come dan wipes his fingers on a towel on that video... just gets me thinking
  9. k you know when you put the gel on and start smearing it around and it doesnt feel like it is going to absorb? well deos anyone rub there fingers on a towel to get the bp off and then go back ont he face... cuz it looks like on dans videos that he wipes his fingers on a towel a couple of times .. so im jsut wondering if that helps it absorb better or something?
  10. Wow that is pretty dam cheap still.. im pretty sure people would still by it if you put it up to 15 even .. but yeah keep up the good work Dan.
  11. alright sounds good.. yeah i thought you guys were saying that BP gets down real deep into your pores and kills bacteria even more when 12 horus is up? but yeah i read it wrong and now i get waht your saying.. thx alot
  12. alright thx alot Brandy.. thats clears up alot of confusion with me.. cuz everytime i did sweat i was worried all the BP was coming out.. but hey why does BP work very well at the 12 hour mark?
  13. oh well i was j/w anyways.. im not to worried about it cuz it doesnt dry me out or anything so whatver.. but brandy i do have another question.. sometimes at lunch at school i play some sports for fun and i sweat just a tiny but and i dab it with tissue.. is that just sweat or is the BP coming out with the sweat and nothing is in there to kill the bacteria anymore.. thx
  14. what if you have it on for about 10-11 hours a day.. and what if you spill a bit of water on your face or sweat a bit and then you wipe it off with a tissue.. is that taking out the bp from your pores and it wont have any affect any more?