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  1. Have been using PC 2% BHA gel for a few weeks, it really does help with clearing the majority of my closed comedones and combined with BP has been keeping me 95% clear (as long as I don't pick any spots) Anyway, my question is what should go on first? Just notice PC website states BHA then BP, however, I have been doing BP and letting it dry for an hour or so and then applying BHA before I go to bed. In my head this allows the BP to kill the acne bacteria and then the BHA will exfoli
  2. Ye, i'm put off the Sunbed. Hardly the end of the world being pale for a day. In terms of my skin and sun, my skin tans easily and rarely burns. I tend to keep a tan well. I'd say my skin always has a bit of colour due. If you can wear SPF 20 in AUS and keep your skin in good nick then i'm very hopeful :)
  3. Ye, still skeptical about going on the sunbed. The only reason would to have some sort of colour before I go away. I thought that as well, with regime users in hot countries. My only worry (all be it a totally vain one) would be that factor 50 would affect my tan. In general I would say my skin is definitely not sensitive, never had an issue with BP, AHA, BHA in terms of burning/itching etc... Would reapplying a factor 20 be sufficient (if anyone has done this). I suppose the only way to k
  4. After creeping on these forums for some time I thought I would finally add to them (pictures attached) I will try and make this easy to read by using bullet points. Currently only apply The Regime at night, using 1 Pump BP, 1 ½ Pump Moisturiser and 1 ½ pump AHA. I have been doing this every night for the past 4-6 months roughly. Would Class skin as slightly oily (Esp Nose/Chin Area). Do not have to moisturise in morning as skin is not dry or tight Severe acne before Regime, improved
  5. I have been following "The Regime" for probably about 6 months now. Unsure of how clear my skin really is as friends and family say I have no spots/acne, however, I see things completely differently and think my skin is horrendous....but that is not the point of this topic, so anyway.... I am going on Holiday for 1 week to Gran Canaria with some friends and I am worried about how my skin will react to: The Sun, Sunscreen and "The Regime" abroad. Currently I do the following: A