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  1. immediately i have veggies and drink lots of juices/water, will my breakout not happen or be less severe? can i counter eating acne aggrevating foods with anti acne aggrevating foods?
  2. i went to the store and i didnt see any sugar or gluten or whey on the back of the container. so can anyone confirm if this is safe for acne?
  3. overrall id say that i have mild acne. but recently(this past month) i was getting some bad breakouts. for me a bad breakout is 4-5 active spots at one time. so i kind of thought about it, and i realized i was not getting enough fruits and veggies in my diet. sometimes id have a piece of lettuce on a burger, but that's really nothing. so i made a quick "acne log" and ever since i started really eating fruits and veggies(everyday) my skin has improved. instead of 4-5 active spots, i now have li
  4. well 2 things i tried to cut out. milk and red meat. i didnt eat red meat for 1 month. i dont know how i did it, but i did it. i didnt notice more acne or less. no breakouts, i guess that was a plus. but i usually have breakouts once every 3 months so it wasnt a biggie. milk usually ill go 2 weeks without having it, then have it once(in a food like pancakes which contains milk) and then go another 2 weeks. i see a little bit of a connection, i get a little less acne when not having milk, bu
  5. i have mild acne. not mild as in "a few small red spots a month". i get usually a new zit every other day. is this a good topical? should i expect a breakout?
  6. well thats not the only "reason", i think dairy, chocolate, gluten also affect it.... oh weee...
  7. everyone thinks im nuts but i really think there is a connection. everytime i seem to eat jalapenos, pepperachonis, etc i seem to get a breakout.. this sucks as i love them...
  8. cuz if i have an amazing body, and acne, i think i can still be attractive to girls. some girls just like guys with good bodies, so im goin for that.
  9. no i thought about that too, but before she made that comment, she was kind of pushy and mean so i attributed it to that. the blood test was checking my cholesteral levels.
  10. and as im about to leave, the woman who took my blood says, "are you taking accutane for your skin?" i was so surprised.. it came out of no where. i just said, "um.. no" and i thought it was a decent day for my skin too
  11. thats what i thought. thanks both of you!!!
  12. i have crohn's disease and it involves taking prednisone(a steroid). and my derm and my crohn's doctor think that was why i was breaking out so much. so my crohn's doctor said, "try cipro, its an antibiotic, and its used to fight crohn's disease, and it might help your skin too". my derm agreed with him and said it wouldnt hurt. i didnt ask my derm if cipro was used to fight acne i did research on cipro (via google) and i could not find any article or anything that linked cipro and acne. and
  13. so what you are saying is, in the carrot&green juice, the parsley, celery, and spinach limits the amount of vitamin A?
  14. i bought some organic carrot juice, and it has 600% vitamin A. i also bought some organic carrot&green juice(carrots,parsley,celery, spinach) and it has 410% vitamin A. why is it lower in the carrot&green juice?
  15. you said you take different antibiotics right? isnt your face used to them now? like i heard from illy(a member of this board) that antibiotics will stop working(as you stated) then you have to switch antibiotics, and its a hellacious cycle. how many different antibiotics have you gone through?