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  1. Did he mean the texture of the normal skin on his nose improved or the texture of the scared skin? I wonder if the scar improved just not the deepest most center of the ice pick. Is that what he meant about the indents not healing? or is the indents from applying tca? I worry that whatever method used be it tca cross or laser or whatever, that improvement might mean shallower but wider. does anyone know if thats true?
  2. What's everyone's best method for an ice pick scar on the nose tip? Thinking about single needling it or tca cross.
  3. I'm considering tca cross done by a professional. I've read a few success stories with that method on the nose tip. but I'm skeptical. I'm terrified to make it worse. also possibly single needling. Anyone have experience with either of those being done on the nose tip?
  4. What's your aftercare like, do you use petrolatum jelly to keep the area moist during healing? I'm glad to hear something is working for you! I've only tried single needling once on a few box scars and it didn't make a difference (and made one scar slightly worse due to a scab accident), but I may try it again. I don't have an aftercare regime as such, i just use my normal moisturiser and facewash. I don't put petroleum jelly on as i still get spots so that would probably break me out. Also
  5. any progress on your needling ? yes. Please update. How is the needling going?
  6. How long did it look worse after tca cross before it started looking better?
  7. This is a pic. Its hard to pick up with the camera. Its on the tip. It's way more noticeable in real life.
  8. Hi I have an ice pick scar on the tip of my nose that really has upset my confidence and my life. I'm wondering if anyone has had any success in improving a nose tip scar and by what method. I've read that the nose is hard to treat and I've also heard the opposite. So has anyone had any success?
  9. To answer kinluek. These are statistics on all side effects from accutane I got them from the information booklet my derm provided me when I started my course. Chapped lips 96% of patients Redness of face 55% of patients Dry nose 51% of patients Dry itchy skin 30% of patients Inflamation of eyelids 19% of patients Joint pain 13% of patients Hair thinning 13% of patients Dry eyes 11% of patients. Hope that helps Also I never experienced an initial breakout the second time I took accut
  10. I'm no doctor but IMO the depression comes from having the acne not from the medication. Acne can be very emotionally draining especially the kind that warrants taking accutane. I've had depression since being a kid and after accutane it always improved because I didn't feel so self conscious about my face. My advice is to stick to the course and maybe talk to a counselor.
  11. I'm 34 and just started my 3rd course this week. I've been on it 3 times now over the course of close to 20 years. Vaginal dryness was never a side effect I experienced. Only side effects I had was really dry lips that were painful at times and the inside of my nose was always cracked and dry. I can't remember the 1st time I took it but the second time I never experienced an initial breakout either. Each time it keeps my skin clear for about 10 years. My lips never went back to 100%. They tend