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  1. Lucinda about how much does it cost you a month for accutane
  2. Thanks for all that I think I'm going for it
  3. Should I start accutane I have tried a few others things and they did not work. My drem gave me the ok to start it but I don’t want the IB from it. How bad do you thing the IB would be for me?
  4. My acne is not bad about 10-12 zits (but any acne is bad) I'm 20 now and just want to stop this sh**
  5. or should I try Doxycycline;Tetracycline or just go to accutane
  6. You can try CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) ;Lipo6 or Hot-Rox or even stacker2. I'm going to be a Certified Fitness Trainer in a few months feel free to send me any questions and aways DO CARDIO is the best was to loss weight!! For that ripped looked you have eat very healthy and do 45min of cardio a day for 4-5 days a week hydroxycut will help to speed thing up! How tall are you? and what is your body fat % for nice abs you want to be 8-5 % body fat By the way LRei17 nice body I'm 6' at
  7. Minocin did not work what do u think my next step should be accutane?
  8. I don't know. I doubt it though. I hope not
  9. Thanks I'm going to have to wait 31 day would accutane be the next step after minocin? Because I 20 years old and just want my acne gone!!!! Hey Ellipatelli How you doing
  10. Hi everyone I hope to be starting accutane soon!! I just wanted to know a few things about like how much will I cost me and what side effects I will get from it and what is iPledge? I have used minocin for about 6 months and no change I only paid $5 for my minocin I hope it will be about the same for accutane and I have also be on a bunch of topical acne creams with no change also I have mild acne