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  1. well everyone is different, when i started differin i had moderate acne and remember it was exactly 13 weeks till i was clear, but some people take less time, some more, i guess it depends on how bad your acne is to begin with. my advise would be to give it at least the recommended 12 weeks and then reassess how its working for you. I just kept thinking even if its not the total solution for me it cant hurt to unblock some pores and clear up some gunk under my skin, which is what it ended up do
  2. i use jane iredales cotton candy blush, its a pale shimmery pink, i really like it! i have dark features but light skin and it looks subtle and nice. its a pressed blush and a bit pricey but like all her stuff its quite pigmented so a little goes along way. I have also never broken out from it.
  3. hi aoee, generally they want you to have fasted for 12 hours so if your planning on having your test done at 8am you would have nothing but water from 8pm the night before. (so youd have dinner around 7-7.30pm If your not located in australia i can't tell you what the laws are regarding where you have your tests done however in australia the pathology request is written on a pad for a pathology company and this is where you need to have the tests done. So say the pathology request is for "miller
  4. depending on what tests he orders for you. Being tane cholesterol will most likely be ordered. cholesterol needs to be done fasted as it gives the most accurate results there is really no point if you havent fasted as it wont be at all acurate, same with you glucose level. you need to have been fasted about 12hrs for these tests, so it might be easier for you if you fast after dinner the day you see your derm and have you blood tests the next morning before any breakfast. these test have a quic
  5. thanks heaps aoee, im just frustrated because im breaking out alot after next to no breakouts for the last 5 weeks. anyway i guess i will just hang in there. thanks for your reply ruby
  6. any one have any insight into this?
  7. hi i was wondering if someone could give me some advise. I was on differin for 8 months which worked well for a while then i started breaking out again so i switched to Tretinoin 0.05% cream. i was on this cream for 2 weeks before switching to retin a micro 4 weeks ago. every thing was going really well but now im breaking out all over my chin. i cant work out if i should consider myself to be on week six of Tretinoin or only week four? would the two weeks of retin a cream count? or is this the
  8. hi chaser, if they are broken capillaries or fine thread veins, yes they can be treated with ipl. whether or not it is permanant depends on whether or not you have a tendency to develop them i.e thin skin, using really hot water on your face etc etc. but most people have really good results. Only thing is you need to wait at least 6 months preferably 12 months after accutane to have ipl. hope this helps
  9. ruby1234


    hi, whilst differin may not prove to be right for your skin, i just thought i should suggest that you should give differin a little while longer. I too had no results at the 8 week mark and decided i would just keep using it till i decided what to try next, but by 13 weeks exactly i had totally cleared up, so maybe just hang in there if its going to work for you it should start to improve from now on in, but try to give it at least the suggested 12 weeks. good luck i hope it all works out for y
  10. does anyone know if the 3% differin gel is avaliable in australia yet?
  11. hi pink, the site is www.asaproducts.com.au they have a stockist page for each state you could look and see if there are any near you
  12. hi jenstar, the brand ASAP are an australian brand and have AHA cleansers and scrubs as well as an AHA/BHA clearskin gel. You could give them a try im sure they would send you samples, the best part is there prices are reasonable. I hope this helps ruby
  13. thanks momiji, im glad to hear its working so well for you im now at the stage where im claering up nicely from the last breakout so im really hoping that it will all calm down now and get better and better, i was relieved to hear that it took you 12-13 weeks to clear, reading some stuf on google makes it seem like if your not clear from about 8 weeks it probably wont work for you. thanks so much for the encouragement. ruby
  14. hi all, i have been on differin 0.01% gel for 9 weeks now. i apply the differin at night and 2% topical erythromician gel during the day. The last 9 weeks my skin has been completly up and down. i will have a bad breakout one week, then it will clear up and my skin looks good, then it breaks out again all of a sudden. i am really confident about differin as i only have moderate acne, and i know it can take 12 weeks or more to fully calm down and slow down the acne but im scared its not going to
  15. no worries, i do have acne scarring but use the products mostly for exsisting acne. the price range for a 240ml cleanser with 12% glycolic acid is $30.00 and the clearskin gel i use i think has 2% BHA and 15.5% glycolic acid and is about $25 for 50ml bit you only use a pea size amount each time so it lasts a while. They also have an exfoliating scrub with glycolic acid and a night cream with glycolic acid but im not surehow much these are sorry. The product line was suggested to me by a skin sp