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  1. Haha! Thanks Dan.... Posts like this one make me feel like this site is even more of a scam....^^^ Cant beleive you people actually buy into this crap. Who would post a picture of themselves with 14 posts, each post promoting dans products. " Oh they are so great." " I heard acne.org products are good so give them a try". "Accutane cleared me but then i broke out again and dans products cleared me again"..... Miss ally got some before and after pictures of yourself?
  2. 3 months is that because ill have to purchase a new kit within a month? I feel like this is some kind of scam. I have yet to see any kind of real proof that this works besides a few people talking on youtube with no before pictures. They all claim to have "communicated with dan" aswell. Very fishy. If you keep applying bp your going to dry out your acne but its still going to keep popping up. Ive been applying bp for months and months now. I have been using dans kit for 3 weeks. Still breaking o
  3. I have been using it for about 3 weeks now. Not seeing much results:/
  4. How is this supposed to work any better than proactive? Its just a benzoyl peroxide based regimen..... How is it any different than using 2.5% benzoyl peroxide from Walgreens. How is it any different than ANY other 3 step face regimen. Its the same crap. Not feeling very determined about this. You can keep drying up your breakouts all you want. You will just have a face full of dried up pimples. Its not fixing anything from the inside of the pores... Your skin is still going to clog up and get p
  5. If I was seeing any results at all I wouldn't be fusterated. It just hurts to rub this cream all over my face with active breakouts all over. Nothing is changing. I'm on week 3 of this and my skin has not improved at all.
  6. I absolutely hate applying this bullshit to my face every morning it's cold and it's painful. First the stupid treatment. And then the stupid moisturizer and it hurts so bad to even rub it in as lightly as I can. And it's not doing shit besides drying my face out. No luck with this crap yet. Waste of money