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  1. vitalmom

    Day 2

    From the album: FairFace

    Day 2 - Thumbs up for : This shit doesn't stink. Other kits I've purchased online ie. Jessners and to a lesser extent Puredeming have a distinct chemical odor akin to a gasoline/acetone. Packaging kicks ass. Good quality, shrink wrap sealed, clearly labled. Latte peel comes in a nifty pump, minimizing waste and allowing for a more controlled application. TCA Complex comes in a blue, cobalt bottle, dropper included, and sealed for safety. Other than a mild warm sensation, there
  2. vitalmom


    Beginning Treatment
  3. vitalmom


    Just pokin' my nose into this thread, lol. I received my order today- 1 TCA Complex (cobalt blue bottle), 1 Latte Peel, and samples of Perfect Day Cream and TCA Cleanser. I added pics to my profile and will update them daily. I have to say that I am impressed with her quick response to emails. Shipping was super fast too, especially considering that my order was placed on Dec 29 AND I live in Canada . My forehead skin is pretty damn tough. I didn't bother with Latte and went straight to TC
  4. vitalmom

    Day 1

    From the album: FairFace

    These pics were taken after 3 years of repeated, unending breakouts. I have been left with tired, wounded, horrible skin. I have tried everything from Vitalize Peels, to Glycolic Acid, Puredeming, and nothing has provided measurable, long lasting results. I placed an order at The Perfect Complexion (Julie Robins) just before New Years. It is my one goal for this year - to have fabulous skin !
  5. vitalmom

    puredeming intense mini peels

    Love 'em. Used the Lactic Acid and was very impressed. Excellent service, classy packaging, and reasonable price for the small imp.
  6. I am having a helluva time finding ANYONE who sells glycolic, TCA, or LA in Canada. I know, there is Ebay. But... Shipping ends up being just as expensive as the product in some cases. For that price, I might as well go to the derm and have it done. Problem is the closest clinic that does anything more than a 30% peel is a 4 hour trip away. Then I have to pay for ferry fare, gas, childcare, food and so on. Then I heard that some people have had trouble getting the stuff across the border.
  7. vitalmom

    Time length of redmarks

    Healing rates are pretty individual. Fading time depends on many factors - nutrition, sex hormones, general health and so forth.
  8. vitalmom

    God Bless Bayer Asprin

    Shit. I forgot about this post until today. Aspirin 80mgs 1 x d is often prescribed as a preventative for patients at risk of developing blood clots. I would be very suprised if applying this topically would have any significant impact on blood serum levels. If you have a bleeding disorder, it makes sense not to risk it. This type of preparation is not one that is known to be absorbed through the epidermis. Aspirin in tablet form is chemically known as acetesalicylic acid (ASA) a chemical
  9. vitalmom

    God Bless Bayer Asprin

    I scoffed at the idea of putting crushed, semi-liquified asprin on my face. Being broke, I thought it could be a worthwile substitute for a more expensive product. Holy shit !!! The stuff works. For the last two weeks I have applied a asprin mask for an hour or two in the evening. What a difference! I mash up 4 asprin with a few (like 6 ) drops of tepid water. I wait till they are pretty well dissolved. I spread the past over my face in a thin layer. The mask dries out pretty quickly.
  10. vitalmom


    Sorry to hear the red shit isn't fading. That Retin-A/trentoin/whatever Vitamin A derivative your are using can contribute to redness.
  11. Just a thought..... If your not satisfied with what you just purchased, have you considered using Physicians Formula's Mineral Makeup ? I love the stuff. Bonus is I purchased it at Shoppers Drugmart. Their estheticians are always more than willing to give demos & instruction on makeup application.
  12. After my last peel the tech gave me a mini-lecture which (lucky me) included her opinions on various department store brands. She said if she could pick one line for clients to stay away from, it would be Clinique. Not sure why.
  13. I highly reccomend Dr. Jang in Vancouver. She is married to Dr. Nicholas Carr (he's doing my rhinoplasty in a couple of months). They have a joint pratice in Vancouver, BC. Dr. Carr also operates at False Creek. Their Site/Clinic I don't know if they take referrals from General Practicioners. I tried that route but ended up having to book privately (w/out Dr's referral). The consultation fee is $60. I highly reccomend their clinic. They are both very well regarded locally and internatio
  14. vitalmom

    Diane 35

    I would caution anyone against using Diane35 unless you have done some very extensive research and are comfortable with the risks. I did a 8 months cycle when I was 23. I found that my oil production decreased dramatically, but my blood pressure went very high and I began having episodes of tachycardia.
  15. vitalmom


    After yesterdays peel the nurse esthetician applied glominerals. I was pretty red after the treatment but the stuff she applied worked like a hot damn. She only used a tiny, tiny bit but the coverage was fantastic. Not flaky or uneven, looked soft & natural. The prices were insane though. I wasn't willing to pay almost $50 bucks for powder if I couldn't have a sample to take home in order to see how my skin liked it in the long term. I did go to London Drugs on my way home to see if t
  16. I am a 29 yr old SAHM of 2. I have had 'episodes' of cystic acne since my late teens. I did experience a 4 year 'acne free' period after the birth of my first baby. I haven't been as luck following the birth of my son 18 months ago. Early on in pregnancy I had a 'patch' of papules that completely covered my chin with a 3 inch radius. The breakout subsided only during the short time period that I was on massive doses of steroids in preparation for the anticipated preterm arrival of my son.
  17. vitalmom

    Why I'm Here

    Thanks y'all. Gotta say I absolutely love the fact that I can say 'THAT WOMAN IS A FUCKING BITCH' on this board and not get banned.