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  1. I have recently gone to a reproductive endocrinologist. Everything is normal except my thyroid levels were still hypo. They upped my dose and I also had testosterone checked and it was all normal not even in the upper range. So I am confused. I have noticed less big pimples since upping my thyroid medication but it might just be my imagination. I do know That the less stress I am under the better my skin is and it mostly just acts up in my pms week.
  2. I can absolutely relate to you! I have recently been diagnosed with PMDD, anxiety and OCD. I am VERY OCD about my skin to the point where when I am home alone I will stare at my face it a small compact mirror and examine my skin in the different lighting around my house. Or, if I feel a new bump I just HAVE to go look in a mirror to see what it looks like immediately. I wake up and the first thought is....what will my skin do today? The worst part is....I don't even have severe acne. I get break
  3. I am pretty sure you cannot take spiro while you are pregnant. I have researched it and most places say it is not safe to do so.
  4. Hormonal acne really is annoying. When I was on the generic for Ortho-Cyclen my skin was amazing. Barely any pimples and my skin was less oily. I cannot wait until I can go back on it after having a baby!!
  5. That is weird, Ortho/Sprintec did wonders for my skin! I do not know if I have PCO (I will find out this month) but I always have stubborn breakouts right before and right after my period. Sprintec worked almost right away to keep the pimples at bay and over time I barely ever broke out! I miss being on it so badly but I want to get pregnant so whats a girl to do???
  6. Omg! I am the same way! I breakout 7-10 days before my period then is calms down incredibly and then i break out for a few days after my period stops. I thought I was the only one! The rest of the month is usually pretty ok except for some minor pimples. Sooo weird. Its worse the week before my period than the days after though. The end of October I am going to a reproductive endocrinologist to have blood work done because I am trying to get pregnant and its been a year and nothing! I am hoping
  7. I keep telling myself that most people won't judge me when I breakout because it will clear up but I'm usually an emotional mess until it does. But when I was alot younger and had more breakouts I did indeed have more guys approach me than they do know. Even when I was on ortho cycle and my face was super clear I wasn't approached as much. So weird. I guess people really don't care as much I think. I am pretty sure I have acne dysmorphia...
  8. hey I am going through the same thing. I was prescribed antibiotics twice a day for one week...did nothing. A friend gave me some canidia cleansing garlic supplement pills. They are slowly working but they make me a little gassy after I take them. I feel less bloated after using then about a week.
  9. Hey guys sorry its been so long. Sprints has been great for me. I did not get an initial breakout, instead my breakouts slowly got better. Its great! However, after about 7 months of use I developed a yeast infection that has been on and off. I am now currently trying to devise a plan for getting off of the pill because I want to get pregnant this upcoming year. Now I'm scared...
  10. Hey guys. about a year ago I finally found a BC pill that makes me feel amazing. Little to no PMS symptoms...barely any acne, and I gained enough weight that I don't feel like a stick. I want to be on it forever...except I want to start a family more. In January I plan on stopping the pill and I am terrified of my skin and mood going nuts. I have been researching herbs and diet changes to see what I should do to ease the crazy hormones I am sure to encounter when I first go off the pil
  11. Ugh well I did it again. Anyone try Listerine on a scab to dry it up??
  12. And of course..two new pimples are now forming...just when I thought it was getting better
  13. There's also a big difference between lancing/draining and squeezing. Lancing in the right area makes a small cut that allows the pus to drain freely and can heal over without a scar. SQUEEZING the pus out forcefully ruptures the pore. You have to consider the pros/cons of leaving a zit alone. If you have an impacted blackhead just sitting there, it's already stretching the pore and doing damage. If you can remove the obstruction gently, then it's less damage than something sitting in your p
  14. Thanks guys! I know I'm not alone but I do not know of anyone else personally with this problem so it is frustrating. I do sometimes pee in the dark too haha, and I may try doing more things in the dark. I have a little light in the bathroom (kind of like a nightlight) that pretty much gives me enough light to wash my face with. I am not sure if I should try showering with just that light on though lol. It sounds so simple to just "leave your face alone" but it is so much easier said than d
  15. I can't seem to shake this horrid habit of not picking at my skin. Now that my face is finally starting to clear up and I am no longer getting huge pimples I STILL pick the tiny ones to death and leave big scabs. Please, does anyone have any tips on breaking this habit? Whats worse is I bring this on myself so I am the only one who can fix this but I can't....!