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  1. Hello everybody. I have been on accutane for 2 weeks now and I already feel it working ( I broke out a little, but it's already getting better) However, I have quite a lot of red marks/hyperpigmentation left from the acne I had, which is annoying me 'cause my skin actually feels smooth for once, but the red marks are very clear and noticeable on my face. I had these before and treated them with microneedling (Dermaroller) and glycolic acid which worked pretty well but I know that when I'm on
  2. Thanks everybody for your replies! It's been a week now and I already feel it starting to work. I got some pimples during the week but they disappeared waaaay faster than they usually do, so thats good. I've gotten dry lips but I use my lip balm regularly so I can control that. Can't wait to see results after a few months!
  3. Hey man. My derm told me to start out slow with my treatment, so I'm currently on 20mg but will increase to 40mg after 2 weeks. And good luck to you!
  4. My derm told me I should start out slow and slowly increase the amount. Currently I am on 20mg per day but will after 2 weeks go up to 40mg a day. My lip started bleeding today, so I think I'm starting to feel some of these side effects. I also broke out a little bit, but I konw that this is normal and I just need to get past this. Good luck to you too! :)
  5. Hey, I just started accutane too (3 days) and so far I've had no side effects either. From what I've heard, people react differently to accutane, some get very dry and peeling skin, while others get more oily skin like you, so I'm guessing thats normal. Also, no the initial breakouts won't continue but it happens to pretty much everyone on accutane. You get breakouts in the beginning and after that it should start clearing up, but don't worry, these breakouts won't last long. Good luck!
  6. Ahh okay, yeah right now I don't use an electric razor, but maybe I should try one. Thank you
  7. You're right, I worry a bit too much.. I guess i'm just impatient. Is it really mild? I've always seen myself as moderate and even my derm told me I had a lot of acne, I don't know though after what you said. Anyway, thanks for the reply!
  8. Hello everybody. I just started accutane yesterday and will be taking my secon pill today. I have quite bad acne and spots as you can see in the picture and it really has a bad effect on my confidence (If I even have that anymore...) I just feel like it's so bad that there is no way that anything can make it better and I'm probably overreacting, but it really brings me down. I just have that thought in my head of "what if it doesn't work" and I feel that there is nothing for me to do and I ha
  9. Hello everybody. I have moderate (on the verge of severe) acne and I will be starting accutane next week and I'm excited about it. I know it works wonders on active acne and my doctor guaranteed me that it WILL work. However, I have red marks on my face from previous acne, quite a lot actually on my jawlines and temples and I was wondering if accutane helped clear these red marks as well as clear active acne? My derm told me that I shouldn't use any other acne medication while on acne and
  10. Hello everybody. I have battled acne for the past 5 years and feel like I've tried everything. I went to the dermatologist today and he said that I should start accutane (I live in Denmark so it goes by another name, but its the same thing) I will need to take a blood test first, which I'll probably get tomorrow and it'll take a couple of days before they get the results. Hopefully I can start it on monday or tuesday next week. My doctor told me that it definetely would work and I re
  11. Thank you! I'm currently not in a situation where I can afford any laser treatment, but I might want to check out the AHA everyday thing. Do you have any experience with it yourself or do you know anyone who's tried it and if so did it work and how was it in general? Thanks.
  12. Hey there! So I have dealt alot with acne over the past few years and I for once actually think it's getting better. I hardly have any active acne left and I rarely get new pimples. The only thing thats bothering me now are these scars/red spots I'm left with. (see pictures below) They have been there for about 5 or 6 months now and they don't seem to be getting any better. They're not inflammed and they dont "stick out" if you know what I mean, like the skin feels completely smooth. I
  13. Hey there! First of all.. Sorry for the picture, which turned out a little blurry. Hope you are able to see. This is my first post on Acne.org and I need some help. For a very long time now, I have had acne on my forehead, and I have been trying to get rid of it forever. Now about 6 months after, my "active" acne is gone from my forehead (Still got some on my chin, and jaws) however, I am now left with some red purple'ish' spots all over my forehead! They don't bump out like a pimple, s