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  1. I'm 27 and I still have some acne. I had horrible acne on my cheeks in highschool but two rounds of accutane got rid of most of that. After about a year off accutane I started getting bad breakouts on my jawline and chin (pretty much everywhere I didn't have it before). Over the last couple of years I have seen changes in my skin. I still get some breakouts but with the help of differin and bp, it is starting to improve more all of the time. I think its different for everyone.
  2. The so called "Acne Cure" was terrible for me. It made my acne a lot worse. Spots that would normally be small and manageable became big cysts. All of the different products required for the regiment really irritated my skin...and it takes forever to do it properly. Once this cure had ruined my face I went back to the derm. He gave me differin and I started using that with bp and it my face got much better. If you have cystic or severe acne do not use the "acne cure". It is designed for v
  3. yeah i knew that would make everyone's day. ha ha.
  4. I put ground flax seeds on my cereal every morning and they are great. When they are ground up (which you need to do so your body is able to digest them) they have a nutty flavor. I grind mine up in a food processor, but you can also use a blender or coffee grinder. I've heard that if you keep them in the refrigerator they stay fresh longer. Besides fiber, they provide omega 3-fatty acids (which are also found in oily fish like salmon). Very healthy. You can find them at health food store
  5. I just bought some Nivea Oil Control Moisturizer for Men the other day. It is supposed to keep the oil and shine controlled. However, my face looks greasy and oily all day long--like the moisturizer was never absorbed. I do notice that my skin tone is better and that there are definite improvements in the appearance of my skin due to the moisturizer. Normally, my skin starts to get oily only late in the day, and even then, its not that bad. Are there any good oil free moisturizers out ther
  6. Every person is different but i haven't had any problem with excessive drying or irritation due to the bp and differin combo. I use Clean and Clear Daily Pore Cleanser (the stuff with the "microscrubbers") and it does a good job at preventing my skin from getting too dry.
  7. I started using just differin at the end of october. I would say that i added the bp to the regimen at the beginning of december. The differin seemed to be working okay by itself but when I added the bp i really started to see a difference... but it probably took a good week or two before it took effect. Also remember that differin takes 8 to 12 weeks before it really clears your face--at first you will break out. Make sure you don't use too much bp.....the differin by itself can dry your
  8. I really like this combination of products. I have been using bp at night and differin during the day (i read an article on acne.com that suggested this) and I have had good results. I have had a few breakouts and I get a few spots, but they are much less severe than I had before and they go away quickly. This combination of products seems to keep the pimples from getting too large and irritated--I haven't had any cysts (knock on wood) since I started using the bp and differin. I would defin
  9. i used it for 6 weeks. I broke out the entire time and really bad...I quit using it and my face got much better....I wouldn't recommend this product at all
  10. I've been using a modified version of the acne cure for about a week--no ice and bp, just salicylic acid and glycolic acid. I use both in the morning and both a night, leaving the glycolic acid on all day and all night. I have had no problems with dry skin or irritation ( I use the Alpha Hydrox Oil Free Enhanced Cream)...and the results have been much better for me. The pimples do not last as long and are smaller. As long as you have no skin irritation, I think its okay to leave the glycol
  11. yeah it seems like an awful product at first because it makes you break out real bad...but I think ultimately it works well...kind of like accutane...but i could be wrong
  12. I have used the Alpha Hydrox oil free enhanced cream (10% glycolic) as part of the acne cure for the last month. For the first week I had a lot of little whiteheads in places I usually don't get pimples....after a few days the "problem areas" of my face starting breaking out pretty bad but the little whiteheads went away. For the last 4 days I have used a modified regimen ...Instead of doing the BP and ice at night, I am doing the 2% SA and glycolic acid in the morning and at night-- and th