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  1. Starlite-which cp product are you using, on what type of scars, what is your daily regimen? Is it the older Skin Biology formula or the new one for the cp? Did you experience deepening or widening of any scars at all? Thanks!
  2. How long were the dermastamp needles, how often, how hard did you stamp? What regimen did you use with topicals? Super Cop, Vit. C Serum, etc.?
  3. Thanks. Will it eventually help fill the scar or will the volume keep decreasing?
  4. You're not the only one that experience this. CP can decrease scar tissue, you take that away leads to decrease in volume.
  5. Started using Super Cop Serum about 2 weeks ago or so. Been spot treating scars with it putting it on every night. Seems to be making some appear deeper & larger. Am I causing more damage or is this a sign that it's working. I'm a 54 year old man & applying it to old scars. Thanks for any suggestions.
  6. Thanks for your feed back! Dermarollers.com recommended the more frequent with light pressure method. They also say the longer length needles on the rollers do not necessarily give better results. I may order a .50mm length derma stamp or roller.
  7. Been using .80 derma stamp 3x per week very gently & applying vit.c serum & some green cream. Dermarollers.com suggested this frequency but doing it gently. I've noticed some smaller ice picks appearing. Hope they're not permanent. I'm in my early 50's. Anyone have any suggestions?
  8. Didn't see him on Letterman. Saw him a year or so ago on TV when he was playing in some pro-celebrity golf tournament. I commented on this board how improved his skin was. Someone from the UK said he was using retin-A. Not sure if he's had other treatments though. Wondering if we can find out some way. Anyone know? I've been using retin-A on a regular basis since August & it initially may uncover some old indents because it causes some peeling. I will say it is starting to make my skin loo
  9. Does anyone try to break up the old scar tissue before applying retin A or high potency retinoids? If so, what methods to you use?
  10. Skin Biology's cp serums sucked. Retin A is starting to work for me too.
  11. Thanks. I'll Google it & check it out.
  12. Do Retinols work as well as Retin A?
  13. How's everyone progressing that's using Acne Free Scar Eraser? What type of scars are you using it on. How effective & how long?
  14. Are there any effective over the counter Retin A products or do you need an Rx in NY?