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  1. Hello Christopher John. I'm glad that you are up to a higher dosage. I hope that you don't have an initial breakout, or if you do, that it's not so bad. Freust du dich fuer den Weltcup? Spielst du Fussball? Ich bin gespannt darauf, Deutschland zu besuchen. Ich hoffe, ich werde mich mein Deutsch erinnern. Ich liebe dein neues Bild. Du siehst gut aus! Bis spaeter!
  2. I like your name, too! Accutane has worked for me pretty well. I'm almost finished with my third month, and I don't really get breakouts very often. The only thing annoying is that I have red marks that won't seem to go away. I hope they do soon though! I'm staying positive. It's nice that you have such a positive attitude! With your nice personality, confidence, and good looks, you'll find a good girl soon.
  3. I'm sorry that you're frustrated with your skin. Pretty soon you'll be done with accutane and your skin will be beautiful! Oh, and I forgot to tell you where in Deutschland I'm visiting. I am going to Berlin, Dresden, Muenchen, Heidelberg, und vielleicht Frankfurt. Ich freue mich darauf!!! I have to work on my German, though. I'm forgetting a lot of it! Ich hoffe, du wirst eine wunderbare Wochenende haben! Tschuss!
  4. Du bist sehr populaer mit den Maedchen! Deine blaue Augen sind am schoensten! Du bist ein gut aussehender Mann, also sollst du selbstsicherer sein!
  5. Hallo CJ. Ich hab' dein Tagebuch gelesen, und es scheint, dass es dir gut geht! Ich hoffe, dass du Glueck mit Accutane haben wirst. Ich hab' bemerkt, dass du fuer den Weltcup interresiert. Meine zwei Freunde und ich werden nach Deutschland diesen Sommer fliegen, um den Weltcup zu sehen. Wir haben keine Karten, aber wir werden die Fussballspiele in den Kneipen beobachten...Ok, viel Glueck!.....By the way, mein Deutsch ist schlecht. Ich hab' Deutsch nur fuer drei Semester gelernt und ich hab' viel
  6. thanks for the encouragement! i hope everything works out well for you all, too!
  7. hi mr. tom! i've been reading your log, and you seem to be doing very well! i really enjoy your sense of humor. anyway, have fun skiing. i hope you don't get sunburned!
  8. Brianne


  9. hello everyone! i've been a lurker on this site for a few weeks, and i finally decided i would make my own log. these boards are really a supportive community! i am a college student who has had acne since i was around 15. in the past i have been on minocycline, doxycline, and random topical treatments. while i've had some success with these medications, my face started breaking out uncontrollably this past august. my acne has really affected my self-confidence and has contributed to feeling