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  1. Seems like you don't fully understand collagen formation in the body. I'm in full agreement with Remicade on giving dermrolling a go first before you try anything else. Why? Simple, because: 1) Collagen formation takes time period; no matter what scar treatment you decide to try; anywhere from 8 weeks to several months before collagen changes from type 3 to type 1. 2) Lasers (unless profractional) destroy the epidermis in order to get to the dermis where all scarring is located. Dermrolling cr
  2. I disagree, there is something you can do. Assess your diet and figure out if there is a link between your acne and what you eat. For many people who have struggled with acne for years, eliminating gluten, dairy or other wheat products was their answer. OP what is your diet like at the moment? If these cysts are repeatedly flaring it very well could be what your eating.
  3. You can make your own Vitamin C if you in crystal form and follow an online recipe to make it into a liquid. Yes its necessary to not use a harsh form of A & C esp post roll when your skin is in an inflammatory state. You actually want there to be inflammation initially since this signals the body's healing response to do what needs to be done. Both A & C are essential for skin repair & collagen formation. Not to mention LEDS. I'm not bashing you, but you guys shouldn't jump into t
  4. Not to mentioned hydrogenated oils are trans-fats which are killers.
  5. Waterboy: I think you need to educate yourself better on these techniques before you do them. For example; one of the first rules of derm rolling is to prep the skin with a Vitamin A and C topical for approx a month prior to rolling. As far as rolling frequency your right some say softer frequent rolls, others say less frequent vigorous rolls. If you understand that collagen formation is a slow tedious process, then it would make sense to roll less frequently with a little more force. It ta
  6. +1 to what DRaGZ said. You have to understand that collagen formation is a very slow tedious process. It usually takes a solid 5 weeks at the MINIMUM before you can truly notice real results and even then new collagen is forming for about 8 weeks post procedure. If your scarring isn't severe, I would suggest educating yourself and looking into derm rolling.
  7. For your diet, I'd start eating things like eggs, fish, grass fed beef (if you have access to it). Carbs, eat some oatmeal, potatoes, bright veggies and fruits. Also I'm a big fan of coconut oil, its all I use to cook my food. It has insane healing properties and can do wonders for your skin. Cut back on your work outs big time and one other thing that I would suggest is start using the steam room if your gym has one. Sweating in a heated environment is very cleansing; gets rid of toxins
  8. This def seems to be a case of hormonal acne, esp since it came on so suddenly. You need to look into balancing your hormones. The easy answer is bc pills, but long term they do damage and since you don't have insurance, probably would cost you an arm and a leg. Look into natural hormone balancing through diet and maybe search on Google; if I find any answers I will post them here for you. Edit: Also don't use so much stuff! Your over-drying your skin and its in an inflamed state, only
  9. No worries bro, I can imagine how the situation stinks. Your eating almost nothing and your working out almost everyday! That will definitely stress the body big time. A typical apple is only a little over 100 calories. And muffins? That's garbage processed food; all sorts of vegetable oils, fillers and preservatives in there. Definitely not helping you. Why not eat eggs, potatoes, a wider variety of fruits and vegetables? Also what kind of cooking oil do you use? The hair thi
  10. I remember some chick on here had a detailed log about her experience with Ematrix. She did say she noticed a difference, but had several treatments; I think 9-12 treatments before she said she could definitively notice a difference. In either case collagen regeneration takes time; one treatment looks like it wasn't enough for you. Have you considered other lasers, since Ematrix if remember correctly works off a different wave length. Maybe Erbium or Fraxel? Where would you classify you
  11. Your on wayyyyy too many products, strong drying agents at that. More is not better, especially when it comes to skin. Simply things. Write down everything you eat for a week and then start eliminating each item for a few days and see how your skin reacts. Are you eating a lot of dairy products? Lots of grains? How is your emotional stress levels? Do you get good sleep? Take a step back and think; because acne is your body's way of telling you something is out of whack. I alwa
  12. Think hard about what you changed between the time you were clear on your forehead, to when you started breaking out. I know you mentioned the hair gel etc; but really think about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you might have changed. Just because your using a SLS free shampoo doesn't mean it might not be breaking you out, ESPECIALLY since you have a shaved head. My hair is a little longer than yours and since we have less hair, you need less shampoo. I only shampoo 2x a week. And I NEVER let th
  13. OP: You need to educate yourself fully on a procedure before you dive into. Your going to ruin your skin if you don't know what your doing. Google micro-needling and Dr. Des Ferdandes (he invented derm rolling) and read up on all the prep requirements, what type of things to do post rolling and how to roll, how often etc if you are going to do it.
  14. If you do anything before getting dermrolled it should be prepping your skin with Vitamin A and C for at least 4 weeks. LED's work better AFTER rolling from everything I have read in terms of speeding up repair and collagen induction. I do think they are beneficial to use on their own as well though. I'd wait for a day or so after the rolling before starting the LED's, because it seems like the injured phase is part of the healing and you don't want to bombard the skin with too much stu
  15. Been researching my head off for quiet a while about derm-rolling. Got a few questions for you guys. 1) I have 3 chicken pox scars that I'd like to improve. All 3 are pretty small, but I read an article yesterday that talked about individually needling scars where the tissue around it is completely healthy. However I have also read that derm rolling chicken pox scars brings great results. Anyone with experience on chicken pox scars? Can't decide which would be better for small ones 2)