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  1. Things to look out for when it comes to skin.. I read this in numerous magazines and find it to be somewhat true. Change pillowcases often. The natural oils from our hair can cause pores to clog with we know leads to breakouts. So sleep with your hair in a ponytail or scarf. Limit the types of hair products you use on your hair. These can also clog pores as our hair tends to come in contact with our faces. Never touch your face if you can help it unless it's to wash or apply medicine.
  2. My battle with acne has been a somewhat extensive one. It ultimately started in my teenage years, when of course others are battling other issues, but it has since continued into my adult years, especially with cystic acne (I didn't have that in my teens). I finally realized I am a fortunate person that has insurance; why not use it? I have seen several derms throughout my years and I promised myself, this time, I am going to stick with my regiment. I felt this blog will be a great way to docume