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    I am obsessed with 105.9 the X (a really cool Pittsburgh rock station), euchre, cartoons (Simpsons and Fairly Oddparents), movies worth making more than 2 of (Back to the Future, Lord of the Rings, Rocky, Terminator, and Spiderman), ninjapirate.com and for some reason bands whose name's start with S (Staind, Shinedown, Seether, etc.).
  1. Just try your best to clear yourself up, and try not to be too down on yourself in the meantime. She's with you for a reason, so she obviously must like you. Good luck
  2. The first thing I notice when I meet new people is their skin. I feel kinda bad because its like I'm judging, but its just nice to know that I'm not alone. Plus I like to see if other people can still look good with acne. i dont think your a dick. i think your a worthless motherfucker thats what i think. this worlds the way it is because of ppl like yourself. i hope one day you wake up with monster cysts all over your face and will see how or why you let your skin get this way . i cant be
  3. I agree with you Bitter. I'm sick of faking that I'm okay, I call that my "denial stage". I'm just looking for a guy kinda like me, who can actually like me for who i am now, so I can get back to normal for him. For some strange reason I feel like I can't do it just for myself. I need a replica of me in male form. lol.
  4. What is it then... I thought it was classed as a Skin Disease. I'd rather be fat 'cus I know what Im like, I would work really damn hard to be thin. With acne you have no control. I completely agree!! Plus, its alot easier to still look cute when you're fat then if you have severe acne. i would trade anyday!!
  5. At first when I read the name of this thread it REALLY pissed me off, but then I read what you actually had to say. I completely agree!! There are people on here who are really great looking, and it pisses me off too when they complain about 1 or 2 pimples when my face basically got eaten off by a shitty product that fucked up my face. I mean, it gets better all the time, but its hard to be optimistic when people like that complain about every little flaw. Personally, it just makes me feel like
  6. Does anyone have before and after v-beam pictures? Just wondering how much it really helps before I decide to get it, because of the cost and the chance of maybe making it worse.
  7. pimples for me definetly, they go away in about a week. These red marks seem like they'll never go away.
  8. Freakin awesome music list!! I heart random crap!!
  9. I tried to kill myself last month by taking pills. But i obviously didn't take enough, I just got really really tired. Then I had to go to the shrink. She gave me a list of the symptoms of depression and I starting crying cuz i had all but 1 (stomach pains). Then she said that i may have depression. NO SHIT!! I had a couple more sessions with her and apparantly i'm bipolar. I think i may have been in one of my downswings when I tried to kill myself. Medication is supposed to help with that. Mayb
  10. Sweet, cuz i have a bit of a potty mouth. I can't help it. I'm a bad girl at heart. lol
  11. I seriously do go for personality, even before this happened. It's really weird. Most guys I liked my friends would say was "fugly" and I wouldn't know what the hell they were talking about. I still don't. I just can't resist a funny guy, or bad boys. I have the hugest crush on Billy Bob Thorton (not even kidding). I just don't go for morbidly morbidly obese guys cuz i'm only 105 lbs. and I'm afraid the sex would crush me. jk. (I hope I'm allowed to say hell and sex)lol
  12. I've used both benzaclin and minocycline and in my opinion differin works better.
  13. I love my derm! He's a sweetie! When my face was at its worst and i felt really suicidal, I just busted out crying in his office. He hugged me and told me that he would help me get back to normal. He really cares. He's really helped too. I hate it when i get his practitioner though. She's kind of like and assembly-line-derm. Plus she has perfect skin and it annoys me. lol.
  14. I know for sure I'm a lot better looking without it. Four months ago, before I used AcneFree and it destroyed my face, I was pretty. I actually had a hot boyfriend, and since he went to another school the guys at my school still thought I was single and hit on me all the time. Now those same guys make fun of me. I can't wait till I'm normal again. My dermatologist says just a couple months to go. CAN'T WAIT!!