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  1. thanks alot i an taking 100mg daily now and i am not taking anything but accutane
  2. yes i am seeing great results my face is almost clear but my body not yet i need more time but i have alot of marks .
  3. i sleep how ever i am not going to sleep on my back so what the hell i have to sleep
  4. does anyone now if this acne is going to scar and what can i do to prevent
  5. thanks alot i was starting to fell hoppeless .another thin this accutane is expensive 830$ a month plus blood test i hope it works
  6. thank you guys will tell you my results along the way
  7. thanks for everthing and i was on steroids oral and injected for 5 moths it was great till i got of them thank you agian
  8. i really pray this shit / works buy the way do you think 90 mg is to little
  9. thanks man i pray everyday to believe that i am now happy i am 50 percent better before i cant even explain how bad i was
  10. i am taking accutane 90 mg a day been on it for 18 days
  11. i will tell you what happens and show pictures acne sucks