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  1. thanks for all the advice. Opportunity thanks for the tip about the return policy, i never knew about it. i think i'm gonna try it out and keep my fingers crossed that it works out okay. about the bismuth, i noticed it was in the bare minerals too. eh, if it does break me out, its not gonna kill me. its not like im clear anyways i'll update about how the make up is, if i end up trying it out.
  2. Hey, i've been using colorstay for about 2 or 3 years now and i think its time for a change. i hear so much about mineral makeup and how much better it is for you're skin, i figured i'd give it a try. i was wondering if anyone has any opinions on these. i saw them online and they're pretty cheap. Supposedly they're a bare minerals knockoff w/ better coverage. Mineral Powder Foundation: http://www.ulta.com/control/product?FT22=2...&quantity=1 Mineral Pressed Powder: http://www.ulta.com/cont
  3. thanks so much. im excited to try it. a lot of people have been saying good things about it. I'm using colorstay now, but i'm in the mood to try something new. Hopefully it works out
  4. Hi, You look amazing and your skin looks flawless. i have one quick question, how do you apply your makeup? ive been thinking about trying the Physician's Formula mineral makeup but im not exactly sure on how to apply it. if you can help me, it would be amazing. thanks
  5. Thanks for all the great advice. it really helped to cheer me up. Especially the song (its my favorite song). i really think im gonna try and take that first big step of just getting myself out there and trying to be confident. i figured if i try to be confident more often, i'll start to feel more confident. i actually took the a big step today. i talked to a couple of people and made comments like we should hang out soon. Surprisingly, they accepted. Most of them said that when they had a free
  6. so i really need to vent and i know that this is the only place where there are people who i can relate to and that will actual listen. sorry in advance for a long post. today i was sitting at the dinner table and my brother who is two years younger than me told my mom that he decided not to go out for the night because everyone already had plans. then my mom makes the suggestion of the two of us going out to see a movie or something. we both looked at each other, made a face, and then laughed
  7. as much as i hate lookin in mirrors, i can resist them. i always wanna see how much worse/better my face has gotten and everytime i do look i almost always regret it because i feel like crap afterwards. i cant wait until i'm clear and lookin in the mirror doesnt make me want to cry.
  8. yeah, you basically just described everything in my life right now. i hate being alone, but its good to know that there are others out there that feel exactly like me. i was thinking about this a couple of days ago when i found an old box of photos and literally cried about how much my life has gone down the toliet. but then thought about things and decided i really needed to change.not just so that i have friends, but so that i can be happy for once. i just need to figure out where do i start
  9. ok so i went out and bought it. i bought the darkest color i could find at the drugstore (320 HONEY). it blends really good with my skin and i love how it feels so light and has a decent amount of courage. its really good for when your going out to anywhere important, but i found that it doesnt last all day with my oily skin. i have to blot alot throughout the day. i'm definately gonna use it for everyday i-just-need-something-to-cover-my-acne kinda thing, but i'm gonna keep with my colorstay fo
  10. its funny that you mentioned its meant for older women(wrinkles and whatnot). when i went to the drugstore the woman helping me(who also had some acne) told me that if it says great for wrinkles, they usually have pretty good coverage. I've been trying out a few different makeups to find one that i really liked i was thinking about buying covergirls aquasmooth, but i think you persuaded me to buy this one instead. thanks for sharing and i hope i like this makeup as much as you do. One quick ques
  11. thanks for the fast reply. I'll tell him the advice. Did you have an initial breakout when you started the asprin mask? also, what is the best cleanser he could use?
  12. Mandy... i think thats what i'm just gonna do. Hopefully i love it as much as you do. Lost girl...i don't have enough money to buy department store makeup, i'm on a really tight budget because i don't have a job.
  13. Hey, the advice is needed for my younger brother, He's 14. Within the past year he started to get alot of blackheads on his cheeks, nose and forehead. He also gets the occassional small pimple. I was wondering what would be the best thing for him to do. I read on here exfoliation and salicylic acid. Does anyone have any product recommendations? Should he use a particular mask, cleanser, toner, or cream? any help is greatly appreciated.
  14. as for recommendations of fake tans, Jergens is supposed to have a lotion that is really good because it builds a tan over a week instead of instant orange and its supposed to look really natural. i havent tried it yet, but i hear its good. They have one just for the face and another for the body.
  15. Thanks for all the replies. Colorstay didn't break me out or anything, but i tried their new softflex formula and it didnt seem to cover half as good as the older formula. Maybe i bought the one for the wrong skintype, idk but i ended up returning it. I have one last bottle of the old formula and i'll probably be done with it when summer starts. I love the old colorstay and even though its a liquid foundation it doesnt feel like i'm wearing a thick mask and it really lasts throughout the day. Pl