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  1. Hey dude, If I'm not mistaken you posted your pic(s) several months ago asking for scar treatments. yes he did. I think your skin looks normal for 46 year old. I don't see anything wrong with it.
  2. but if i reacted this way to everryone who makes me superangry about my skin I would be an angry person indeed. I find that the cold calm silence creeps people out much more. just my 2 cents
  3. i have some. I been told lasers but the laser horror stories are too hard to ignore. I don't care if it happened to 1 or 99 person out of 100, but even that miniscule chance is too much for me. Especially on my face where something going wrong can have disastrous consequences worse than a tiny raised scar.
  4. i love'em. but it's kind of an on and off love affair. I had to get rid of them for a modeling gig, but now they're back. my face is kind of heart shaped, and bangs balances it out a bit. Besides, get longish bangs, definitely at least to eye brows unless you have a big forehead. Long bangs look good and if you don't like it, then you can side sweep it after about a month (or less if your hair grows fast). post a pic once you get the bangs
  5. I have same, but bigger pores than yours, but i dunno if that's because camera is not picking it up. I'll tell you from experience nothing can really help....part of us not having smooth skin is genetics. Your scars and mine as well are minor. That's good of course. But on the other hand, there is absolutely nothing that can be done. also, there are many risks involved with such procedures which can cause worse scarring. not a good idea to throw out the baby with the bath water. i'm a girl an
  6. something similar happened to me with bp. I put tooo much on my cheek bone and the whole area kind of sunk in, or maybe the bp just burned the area, making it appear darker and hence sunkeninsh. After a year, it did level up, but that was a whole year.
  7. I think you should feel lucky you have a honest derm who didn't offer you hope in a happy meal to go in exchange for your wallet.
  8. it's because our faces are slightly puffy when we wake up. the puffiness makes the scars less noticeable.
  9. acne did not make me crazy but my scars and bad skin texture (huge pores) did. Not them per se but the way my family and relatives have treated me because of it. It's very strange but when I was very young, I was pretty ugly, and my family/relatives always pushed that in my face. After puberty, I grew more into my face and was considered pretty, if what others tell me are to be believed. That shut them up for awhile. And then I got hit with acne and in a year and half I went from having normal a
  10. You sound exactly like me. My best example, I have a hypertrophic scar on my cheek. It's from me burning a hole in my face trying to get rid of a zit quicker. I'll hate myself forever for that. are hypertrophic scars like raised little bumps? I have one that's been there forever and it's red. it makes me physically ill to look at it, so of course I must stare at it obsessively about 20 times a day :wall: I don't even know how I got it...I NEVER pick, so I guess if something's going t
  11. HI Kanmi, It was always wonderful looking at your gallery and it's too bad you took it down. But I can kind of understand. When I look at pictures of myself from a few years ago when my skin was so good (of course at the time I didn't know it and thought I had lousy skin), it just breaks my heart but I guess it's one of those things I will have to live with. It double sucks when I think that all the crap I went through was all preventable. Oh well.... Finally!!! a post that make
  12. yeah, friends who turn on you and use scarring against you as a tool are the hardest to deal with. I actually got used to strangers remarking on my scars or redness or what not. But if a friend did it to me, that would make me truly sad.
  13. hey guys, so I haven't posted for a while mostly because the posters I got to know acne.org with (lexy, sword, hopefulskin etc) aren't posting all that much either. But maybe if they see this post, they'll drop me a line! If anyone recalls, I had pretty bad discoloration and demarc line from rosacea and a super bad allergic reaction to some precription and otc acne meds. Ever since then I been on the gentle routing. It's been my gawd almost two years now, and to be honest my skin has done a 360
  14. well, like you say, it's just the "damn zoo". Why didn't you go check out the animals instead of hanging around? that's what I thought too....so I keep deciding that and came up with crap.
  15. i don't have kids but i believe this is the logic behind using bc for acne