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  1. LOL, who is this Brian fellow and how do you know that he is dead?
  2. [Edited link out] Hahahahaha, well my face is clear, but I come here for the LOLs.
  3. I know how you feel, I did that same mistake a couple of years ago. My whole face got covered with this thick oil, like some machine oil and it was so clogged, I had pimples on top of pimples, caveman regimen is like suicide, except you don't get the reward to die, you have to face the humiliation.
  4. Have you guys calmed down? You shouldn't always be so serious, like it's funeral in here. Just be a little crazy and enjoy life, take chances, don't be afraid to LIVE! I remember the last funeral I was in, everyone was so sad in there and then the son of the diseased said "oh come on, cheer up everyone, it's not so serious, this is just life!". You don't get anywhere in life if you are afraid to live and always follow the rules, it's ok to break the rules sometimes, that's how you change the wor
  5. Nice, I just ordered my nubian black soap from iHerb! I have to try what's all the fuss is about, it has so good reviews everywhere, so it must be magical. I have always been told that you should not use any bar soap because they clogg your pores, but I will make an exception this time and try. Is your skin dry or tight after washing with the black soap?
  6. LOL im gonna have a severe breakout and im not ready for it mentally...my skin looks almost the exact same as it did when I used bp except 3 or 4 zits on the side of my face anyone have any real advice...if this is the right thing to do Your skin is probably fine 1-2 weeks after stopping bp but after that it's gonna be hell.
  7. I'm 31 years OLD and everything I have said has been 100% truth. Don't be so tense lady, easy up.
  8. Yes, let's make smoothies out of everything, let's make beef smoothie, that way our bodies don't have to process anything anymore, it's awesome, or is it?
  9. Damn monkey Robertitoo, don't you know how to read? They didn't teach you how to process the information that you read in monkey school? I said why should anyone destroy one of the greatest health promoting effects of fruits and veggies by juicing them. Fruits and veggies are awesome, just don't ruin them by juicing you f*cking monkey c_unt.
  10. I haven't got any acne on my buttock or my back ever and I have never used any cleanser or bodywash on my body.
  11. It really doesn't matter, I wash my face with a cleanser always in the morning because I go to gym every morning and I like to be super fresh after my workout. In the evenings I just rinse my face with tepid water.
  12. If I remember correctly paigems, you were the one who claimed that vitamin C helped your oily skin and acne, well that just destroys your credibility right away.. Vitamin C has really weak antioxidant properties and it is gone from your body in about hour, how is that good with anything? If you want some strong antioxidants go for astaxanthin and lycopene. I have been taking 12mg astaxanthin, 30mg lycopene and 30mg beta-carotene every day for a year now and even those won't affect oily skin or a