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  1. moisturize more (put some on after the BP, let it dry, put more on a 2nd time, etc), other than that its just your skin getting used to it. It'll eventually get better. I carry some moisturizer in my purse and dab it on during the day when that happens.
  2. water has been shown to give mice cancer, in large amounts! lol seriously though, there is something to be said of quality of life! I would much rather deal with some small skin cancer spots for a few weeks and get them zapped off than to deal with uncontrolled acne the rest of my life. And its good for everyone to use sunscreen daily, and to get any weird moles or spots checked out by a doctor asap. As for the healing aspect, I find my acne heals much better when I use BP. As for free radicals,
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  5. I found that a lot of people in college I knew dealt with acne, and that no one would look at me funny for having lots of zits. a warning though, I found that the water at college made my skin worse. I would come home on breaks and my skin would get better. I havent tried anything prescription for my mild acne, but benzoyl peroxide products are the only thing that works for me. Right now Im using proactiv, and as long as I can afford it (45 bucks for 2 months) i'll use it.
  6. proactiv is the only thing I've tried that works to clear my skin 100%. The downsides - the smell (its way too fragaranced), the price, and after using it for 4 months I got immune, had to stop for a few weeks (which meant big breakouts), but worked when I started it up again for 4 more months.. the club you have to join is a hassle because sometimes I dont want to keep getting it shipped to me. their customer service isnt very good - they always advertise products, even though your reason for c