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  1. I've been taking this for approximately 3 months and it doesn't work!!!!! I've been taking 5000 UI of vitamin D3 a day and it doesn't work
  2. "What we have right now is pseudoscience ripoff procedures that are way too expensive and can't and won't resolve the problem." You're definitely right
  3. "Acne is more than just a physical thing. Acne can damage you mentally as well" Mmm I also had acne like you, after high school I did not go to university because my acne its so depressing I cant talk with anybody without imagine their faces loojing my face and asking me "Why do you have acne?" or recommending me useless products for acne. PD:My english is still bad but I can understand you perfectly haha
  4. I also hope B5 will work, please post your progress it will helpful I hope B5 will works, please post your progress it will helpful for everyone. I also have acne for 5 years and I understand you.
  5. "I've changed my diet, taken different vitamins/ supplements, experimented with everything for years." what vitamins and supplements did you take?
  6. "I do not eat gluten, dairy or mea" I dont eat dairy and I noticed less oil, I HATE oily skin. Unfortunately I eat gluten I cant avoid it. What vitamins are you taking?
  7. Please update your progress, I want to try this in a few months.
  8. I want to see your progress, I'll add vitamin d3 instead L Cartinine. I have acne and its horrible, the topicals dont work(its a waste of money) in my oily skin I wash my face and just 30 minutes the oil returns. Pd:Sorry for my bad english I dont write well yet, but I understand what you wrote.
  9. I remember when I ldont eat anything for 4 days and my oily skin was reducted ia bit, its my experience....The fourth day I cant continue
  10. Have you tried vitamin D3? I want to try this vitamin
  11. Vitamin D3 works?. I want a cure for my acne, I saw a few post of vitamin D3.... I'll follow this post.
  12. alfredodixz

    Don't waste your money

    Don't waste your money

    Nothing Its expensive because only contains antibiotics and extract of plants It does not work, in fact I believe that this product only works by placebum effect. It contains only antibiotics, dont buy it its my recommendation. Pd:Dont buy any product of asepxia except the soap.
  13. You are not alone un this fight against acne, I have acne since I had 13, I've not kiss a woman and I am still virgin my sad story. And really its very sad. it make depression