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  1. i've stopped using it since yesterday. but it didnt seem go down even a tiny bit...and itz still red, like extremely red, and itchy...I feel so shitty and insecure...and I've been hiding in my room since yesterday...becuz itz f***ing red....god i dont know what to do...
  2. I start with a 5%BP cleanser(clean&clear) and a oil-free 0.5% salicylic acid moisturizer(Clean&clear also) about 2 weeks ago. Except occasional whiteheads around my mouth, I never had a breakout since the day I start(It was a great improvement). And two days ago, I decided to try the 5% BP gel...itz really impossible to find the 2.5% from the drugstores around where I live,so once again, I chose the clean&clear persa-gel. And accidentally, I think I used too much at the first time. S