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    I've already given up on my diet for the most part. Someone mentioned fruit punch and I lost it. However, I'm still drinking a lot more water, avoiding dairy, and consuming a lot less sugar. Martin, Jon, and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings last night and I had a soda and an extra saucy pulled pork...so that wasn't very good at all. My cheeks are slowly healing and nothing new has appeared on them in a few days. I still don't understand why my cheeks started breaking out all of the sudden. I went fr
  2. Eirdis


    My face is alittle better. The overall irritation is going down a bit, but I'm still waking up with new things on my face most everyday. Yesterday I ate a spinach omelet, chicken and a bit of rice, toast with red raspberry jelly and that's about it. I feel very limited and we need to go to the store. Martin's overall attitude towards food shopping makes me uneasy about wanting anything. That and the fact that I have NO idea what I'm allowed to eat really...I guess I have to do more research. Str
  3. Eirdis

    1/22/2014 -Day 2

    My diet was more managed today. I finished out yesterday with a bunch of water and a crispy chicken sandwich. >.< Today I had half a small glass of milk, tuna, chicken and broccoli, a bunch of water and a cookie. Oh, and some tea. It's called Good Earth -Sweet and Spicy tea. I did my steam treatment twice. I did it once and then had to leave the house again, so I put on makeup and after that I decided I would just redo it. I don't know how hopeful I'm feeling. I'm highly stressed, depres
  4. Eirdis

    1/20/14-Day 1

    I'm going to start keeping track of my habits and how they influence my skin. Today I did a steam treatment. I boiled water, put it into a bowl and put a towel over my head to lock in the steam. After that I used some Clinique or whatever stuff I got for Christmas. It's an astringent. Then rinsed my face with cold water. I've eaten: 1 small glass of milk (it's going to be hard to cut it out of my diet) some cheese pizza Terrible start as far as my diet goes. Today I'm broken out between m