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  1. My acne started a few years ago im 25 now. Would getting these tests done most likely help me find the root of whats causing my acne? Im nervous to ask my doctor (dont feel very comfy with them) for tests as i feel like they want to shove lotions , antibiotics on me first but id rather have things tested so im not putting myself through more torture!
  2. by the looks of things those products are natural and i dont trust that on my skin
  3. Ive been suffering with acne now for 2 years started when i was 23. I have always had slightly clogged pores all over my face and my body but of recent that seems to be getting worse. They arent hard or anything but on my body very fleshy. The ones on my face feel very rough and hard if i dont exfoliate for a few days though but im having trouble with exfoliating which il explain in a minute. Since i developed acne i started to really look after my skin (which funnily enough i didnt do prior
  4. My pores just dont unclog i cant even squeeze blackheads out at all my pores are so tiny but everythng is stuck under the pores my face is all bumpy and uneven Been using the Paula's choice BHA lotion twice a week and her AHA 5% moisturiser twice a week aswell and because they arent moisturising enough ive started using the Cerave pm on top and using the Cerave on days where i dont use the AHA or BHA. So how long will it take me to unclog my pores using the bha? Im wondering if it isnt str
  5. Am i purging my skin has really small bumpy pores. They arent hard or anything just like under the surface but i cant squeeze anything out my pores are so tiny! Is there any suggestion of how to loosen them out? I didnt really want to go down the route of steaming as my skin is quite sensitive but maybe just for the time being whilst im trying to get all the clogs out of my skin? Not sure what to do. Any suggestions? Thankyou
  6. My skin needs extra moisture but worried about it affecting the ph of the paula's choice bha. What should I do?
  7. Im using it for acne and all over clogged bumpy skin. Will I go through a purging process? I have used it twice so far and not sure if its doing much yet.
  8. Hmmm im as gentle as I can be I find splashing my face with water irritates the crap out of it and wherever the water trickles down my neck it seems to itch there too? Sometimes I wonder if im allergic to water lol Unfortunately I wear makeup everyday and have to wash it Going to be trying Paula's choice BHA and AHA lotions soon to exfoliate my skin as I cant even manually exfoliate with the gentlest of scrubs. I tried using rice flour and olive oil the other day and it still irritated my sk
  9. LewisS I use olive oil on my face before then washing with a cleanser...so that my face isn't dry by the end. But I still itch...nothing seems to work.
  10. I know that That's why im asking what I should do...how can I wash it and not have it irritated. Cause its giving me acne by washing it :'(
  11. No matter what I do to my skin. If I wash it in anyway shape or form...even using the most gentle cleansers...even just splashing my face with water...my skin will itch and then it comes up in blobs and that then leads to me having more spots than I already get. What the hell do I do :'( How am I meant to wash my face! :'( im sick of it!
  12. Well I hate to break it to you but my skin is extremely sensitive. I get heat rash on my face and on my body from taking just luke warm showers. My skin cant tolerate a lot. Ive tried products used for sensitive skin that have stung the crap out of my face. Just because your skin doesn't react to being washed doesn't mean someone else's wont aswell. I have done the most gentle washing of my face by just splashing cool water on my face and even that can cause me to get what I call allergy blo
  13. I have always had slightly bumpy textured skin a lot of trapped clogged pores I think. I never used to wash my face as even just splashing my face with water can irritate it So I used to be really lazy and believe it may be part of the reason. But almost a year ago I started to get acne mainly around my chin and slightly up onto my cheeks. It came out of nowhere and I then began to say ok I need to look after my skin now but nothing seemed to help so I stopped doing everything to it and it wont
  14. Yes starting to think it might not be right for me. Scared of carrying on with it incase I get worse not sure what to do. Ive bought some samples from paula's choice the BHA and AHA ones. Hoping that these will help to get the horrible rubbish out these bumps and blackheads on my skin. But im still worried im going to need a really heavy moisturiser for dryness and not sure where to turn now
  15. Someone recommended me to use it as my skin is extremely sensitive and dry and prone to acne. Last week my skin was becoming severly irritated and dry I think from using rosehip oil only as a moisturiser. So got the cetaphil been using it about a week now and for a few days I didn't actually wash my face as even washing my face can irritate my skin. Im wondering if the cetaphil had built up over my skin as I was applying it once a day. I have more bumps come up in the crease of my chin and even