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  1. Heya Yes, I've been using the BP generously. I guess I've been a tad lighter on the nose because I didn't want to dry out as bad with the toner added in. They're just so stubborn but if I tried to squeeze them out, a good portion would probably give way besides the super stubborn ones. I think I'm going to try Mandelic acid (is there any cheaper ones than MaMa Lotion? 45$ sheeeeesh!)
  2. SA is a BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) It works by exfoliating the skin and sloughing off old cells to allow new ones to regrow in its place --- essentially "speeding up" the skin cell process which leaves you with fresher looking skin.
  3. I only use 10% BP for extreme spot treatment. It's waaaaaaaaaay to harsh on your skin otherwise.
  4. I've had no problems with an electric razor. However, I'm 17 and have been on the regimen for three years and didn't start shaving until after the initial "BP adjust mode" Yet --- I didn't really have that either (swelling, redness, etc) I guess the beloved Proactiv helped me adjust....
  5. Hi everyone! Long time no talk --- wave brandy --- anyway... I've been using DKR BP for over three years now and I love it - nothing's worked as effectively for me. I have an oily T-zone and a combination (dry/normal) on all other areas of the face. Additionally, I get both inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne. I'm aware that BP doesn't really treat non-inflammatory acne, so this is what I've done to try to combat that: Morning: Gentle Scrub - very warm water - Neutrogena Oil Free Gentle
  6. Hi, I was using Differin since Nov 07 - June 08 and then summer hit, and I could barely go outside during the day unless I got really red in the face / sunburnt. So my derm switched me to Atralin .05%. I loved it at first but now I'm on my 8th week of that, and my skin has been exceptionally worse in the last 2-4 weeks as if I'm having an IB again. On differin after February or so I had great skin and now I feel I'm back where I started. This morning I woke up with a huge enflamed spot next to
  7. No i dont use them simutaneously. One or the other, switch every night.
  8. My doctor said that I should start out w/ differin use every other night. so say monday i use differin, and then on tuesday i'd use BP, and differin on Wednesday, etc. I'm also using BP in the AM too. CeraVe Moisturizer is extremely nice too, very moisturizing, but not extremely thick and nasty feeling like cetaphil.
  9. Hi. I was prescribed Differin about a month ago, and I'm currently using it every other night until Christmas time, then I'll be using it nightly. It was prescribed to me for treatment of clogged pores in lower T-Zone..not for inflammatory acne (have used BP for around 2 years now) My derm said that I could use BP during the day - and inbetween the night applications so I didn't have a huge IB. Which I didn't (thank god). Anyway - during the day I apply NHSFL which has a high amount of AHA i
  10. I got Differin .1% Today and my Derm said to start with it 1x every 2 nights. She mentioned I could use BP in the morning but should I? I want to. And at the nights between the retinoid application i would like to too. I forgot to ask her, as it wasn't on my mind at the time. What do you think
  11. a Biore one, I haven't used it in 6 weeks or so though.
  12. Well, I've been on DKR since January '06. Have had great results from it, only occasional breakouts with one-two average sized pimples every so often. Nothing major or over the top. However... recently.. I'd say the past 3 months or so. I've developed quite a large number of clogged pores around my mouth area, and by my nose, and so on. I'm not sure if it's from using Dan's new moisturizer? I use NHSFL during the day, and dan's at night. Anyway, these are really stubborn. I have tried tw
  13. Cool. Good deal, well I'll stop in Walgreens sometime today then.
  14. So we're just changing over to the Cleanser made by this Manufacturer? Here's what I'm using now: Dan's Cleanser Dan's BP 2% SA Toner on T-Zone Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion during the DAY Dan's Moisturizer at NIGHT. I've recently also found a sample of Retinol 100 -- Been applying 2x daily on nose for blackehads for last 5-6 days. Doesn't seem to have done much? Would you reccomend me to switch to this? I don't have a problem with acne really. It's more of the fact that when I do ge