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  1. heyyy yall well i had acne since the 5th grade and now i'm going into the 12th. =/ then i found bp and it was like the best thing that ever happened to me.... that is until it stopped working a year later. I gave bp a break and stopped using it and my face actually cleared up for about 2 months. i don't think I'd ever go back to bp because i don't want my face to depend on some gel for the rest of my life. I think the biggest problem that my skin faces is oily skin. My face is very oily &
  2. i haven't been on this site in a whilee, after using bp i was pretty much good. my skin wasn't clear but it wasn't as bad as it was before... i was doing fine on bp. lately my skin has been horrible. little under the skin pimples .. all over that you CAN see perfectly in the sun. its all overr .. so yesterday i got really depressed ... went into the shower .. put om hot water scrubbed it ... came out and popped everything i could .. which wasn't alot because theres so many little under the skin
  3. i love it. =) maybe something else is breaking you guys out!
  4. okay well i've been sick since monday. i have mono so i'm in ALOT of pain. I didn't have time at all to wash my face, i prob only washed it once when i took a fast shower on wensday .... i thought my face by now would look horrible .. since i have very oily skin, but my face isss clear .... ? its so weird. i dont understand. Does anyone noe why this has happened? Also i use BP and i didnt use it at all. I've been drinking lots of water and tea, and milk, and i didnt really eat at all but still i
  5. okay bp is really really helping my acne. I have like 4 white heads and maybe some lil pimplesss around my chain but nothing that bothers me. I'm really happy with bp but now that school started my skin is sooooooooooooooooooooo dry its crazy. I bought foundation and i cant even use it cuz everytime i put it on my skin everything looks ugly and everything is pealing. So i started going to school without makeup which is okay but my skin is soooooooooooooooooooo dry and it hurts to move my mouth m
  6. this whole summer, i was so unhappy for many reasons. Not only acne. just the way i looked. Summer is almost over ... school starts in less then six days and yet i'm happy. In such a short time i got about almost everything i wanted. I started using dans bp gel and it cleared my face less then 5 days. Its amazing. I still have like some spots but nuthing big at all, and like 4 small white heads. i never thought my skin would ever look this great! *knock on wood* also i got my hair done, and i
  7. omg please go buy prescriptives. the oil free foundation is amazing and i swear it covers everything. I have mostly red marks because dans bp gel has cleared me for the most part im so happy. http://www.prescriptives.com/ buy that foundation, its good for ur skin, and its for oily/acne skin. It heals your red marks, it actually healed mine. goodluck starting school
  8. okay ... so tanning is a MUST for me. I'm very pale, mostly my face, and tanning always seems to help blend my red spots. I'm on dans bp gel now this is only my 3rd day. I've read on the bottle that i should stay out of the sun .. but i really can't do that i MUST MUST tan. do you guys think it would be okay if i go to a tanning bed now that im using the bp. Also after a week of the tanning beds i wanna go try out a spary tan, so i just wanna build up my color in the tanning beds. any advic
  9. aww i'm sorry darling. cheer up tho things will get better, i swear. about those friends of yours ... well i think its best if you lose them. real friends wouldnt care if you had acne if you ever need someone to talk to i'm here
  10. Agreed grrr u've gone on the evil side how could you?? :naughty: lmao
  11. thats a fucked up thing to say ........... who gives a flying shit what the soo called "bullies" think they should mean shit to him, and there just low lifes. so if something does go on ... violence wise ..... would it be wroth it? over a fucking lil egg that you can wash off. Or if god forbid he gets hurt or killed or what if he does something to them and then gets put in jail for 10 years ... will that be wroth it??? OVER AN EGG ................. yeah okay :snooty:
  12. look your a nice kid, dont risk doing anything you know you shouldnt be doing. if you have doubt then you know deep down inside its wrong. but hey its up to you. Yeah your night was fucked up but doing something mite fuck up not just ur nite but ur whole life, if you know what i mean. just let it go. your better off that way. be the bigger and better person that i know you are