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  1. Hello Keri! I have been on Accutane for 4 full months, I am on month 5 now. As for dry skin, month one and two made my face slightly dryer, but for me, it never got extreme. However, in the middle of month three I experienced eczema on my hands and arms, but moisturizing like crazy helped with that. My lips also cracked, peeled, and bled everyday for a while they were so dry. Overall, my body just became less oily, including my skin and hair. To me, hydrated skin starts from the insi
  2. I had oily/combo skin at the time of using Alba Botanica (Accutane fixed that) and it still made me dry. As for the fragrances, I do not think there are any added fragrances,but I would check their website. I also forgot to mention another organic skin care line I have tried (I experimented a lot...) It was Earth Science. I used their Clarifying facial wash and their toner. Both made me break out into small bumps and made my face super oily! Unfortunatley, I haven't had any luck with organic/n
  3. Hello(: I have also been interested in organic skin care lines that are affordable. I wanted to use procudts that were as gentle and natural as possible, because harsh ceansers weren't working. I have mild persistant acne and I am currently taking Accutane. I have used Alba Botanica Pinnapple Enzyme wash. I loved the scent and I believe it semi-worked to help with my breakouts, but it was more like a treatment once the breakouts already happened--it didnt stop the breakouts from happening. It
  4. I have officially taken 30 days worth of 20mg Myorisan Still having breakouts, but its mostly small blackheads moving to the surface that become infected. All of the blackheads on my nose are gone (: On to month two and 40mg!