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  1. lanette

    Ingrown Hairs

    what kind of lube and after shave products?
  2. yes i experienced it when i got the tube from acne.org but when i got the large size bottle from acne.org it was creamier....what sizes do u have ? r they from this site?
  3. what type of bc pill is good2 get on? im on ortho tricyclen lo..is that a good one? ive only been on it a lil over a month and im also on spiro 25 mg...second month....whats ure regimen exactly? i know u said u use clindamycin/benzacyln/tretinion,etc...what order and how?
  4. i have same issue..i used proactiv for 10 yrs straight twice a day and am permanently red....went to derm and theres nothing they can do..and even though im completely clear...the redness doesnt subside...r u having active acne? whats ure regimen now?
  5. i thought nuts and citrus fruits/bananas are good for the skin?? if any1 could give me advice that b great...i eat pistachios w/ out salt and almonds....and every fruit there is, lol.... and ive always been curious about claritin helping w/acne....any info would b great! thanx!!
  6. how do u use honey and salt for the face? ive nver tried it...if any1 can explain in detail as to what kind and how that would b great!!
  7. have u used bp before? what has ure topical regimen experience been?
  8. where do u get the pills? what do u wash ure face with? whats ure daily regimen?
  9. i tried 3 treatments of pdt on my back and the results only lasted a couple mos. i had 1 smoothbeam laser on front of neck, didnt see much improvement
  10. i was using cetaphil gentle cleanser too but found it too drying...i was using dans but also found it too drying, now jus water....and its calming down some. i bought ph test strips to check the ph of all my products..ud be surprised that cetaphil gentle cleanser is about a 6...which is a lil high on the scale..acne prone skin prefers a lower range of about 4.5...and the other bar cleanser that dan prefers which is called basis is a 9!! the soap turned blue when tested...thats really bad....if u
  11. i am also looking for the same thing as you...what have u tried? i tried dans cleanser and cetaphil gentle cleanser but both are too drying/irritating...so i decided to buy ph test strips and test all my products at home to see what the ph levels are...ud be surprised...the bar clanser dan recommends which is called basis for sensitive skin turned blue when i tested it...which means its high on the ph scale...a 9!! is there any way you can test out products like i did till you find the rite one.
  12. i jus started ortho tricylen lo...have u ever been on that?
  13. im having same issue...cant find a sunscreen that isnt irritating and one that wont make me break out......which ones have u tried? i tried the neutrogena acne free spf 30 and broke out a little, i tried the proactive one and thats ok for my face but not my neck, but i need it there also cuz thats where i break out....if anyone else is reading this please help recommend a good sunscreen...thx
  14. it says "attached thumbnails"...how do i open it?