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  1. arki

    Dry Ice

    Just wondering if anyone has tried using dry ice on their scars. I was talking with my friend at work about my scars and having the fraxel treatment. She said her ex-husband and also one of her friends had dry ice applied to their scars and they are gone. Granted this was 20 years or better, but just curious why my derm has not gave me the option. Any of you know about this?
  2. Hi. I live in Illinois and I talked with a doctor about fraxel. He's had his machine for 8 months. I was just wondering if this would be the new one you guys are talking about? He set me up with a 4 treatment package for $3,500. He said he would do 20 passes each time. For those of you who have had it done, my main concern is how much do you peel afterwards? Is it as bad as TCA, or just flakey like you've used too much BP?
  3. I was doing a search on ebay for acne scars and these cloths are a new thing. Has anyone seen or tried them? I am skeptical as always, but you never know.
  4. I have treated my scars with 100% TCA twice within a year. I have just been noticing that the scars are filling in, but only in the center where I had stuck the toothpick. Last night I became disgusted again with my scars and experimented with four of them. Instead of a toothpick, I used a Q-tip and dipped the tip into the TCA. I then pressed the Q-tip as hard as I could onto the scar. The scars were extremly indented kinda puckered looking. Well this morning when I got up the scars are barley
  5. I never thought about this before, but when I used to live with my former boyfriend, I would go to bed with my makeup on. I feared anyone seeing me without it, so I had it on all the time for 8 years or better. I would get up, shower and put my makeup right back on. I have lived by myself for nearly five years, and go without makeup quite a bit, and my face is so oily it's unreal. OMG I thought wearing makeup all the time was bad for your skin, but it may be something I need to start again.
  6. Hi Donna. I felt like I was reading a note that I had written. I feel the same way you do. What I hate about my scars the most is the life they take away from me. We people talk to me I look away or down, and I fear that the light I am under makes me look horrible. Half the time I don't even know what they are saying, cuz I am having a panic attack in my mind. I always get compliments on the way I look, but I do not believe any of them. There are days when I think my scars are improving and
  7. I bought the super CP serum. I have been using this about 20 minutes :-k after I apply straight white vinegar. I have had no redness or peeling. I wonder if I should be using these together? Anybody doing both, or just applying retin A? :-k
  8. www.newyoufacial.com Just wondering if any of you have tried these products. The before and after pictures look too good to be true. [-o< Be Lucky!!
  9. arki

    Face Lift

    Hi all! I found this forum about a week ago, and it uplifted my spirits so much. There ARE other ones out there who go through the same things I do. Hiding from lights, avoiding eye contact, always worrying about what others are really thinking of you. My scars are not bad, but I have a lot of them along with just plain bad skin texture. I am 29 and again am fighting with breakouts daily. I went for a consultation about my scars. The surgeon recommended that he do a face lift to smooth o
  10. britt 17 I had those dreaded purple marks for many years during high school and a few years after that. They were not raised, just purple. I have bad scarring now. I did not go to a derm until a few years ago. He said it was a form of cystic acne. Please go to a derm a get treatment, the longer they appear the worse the scarring. Concealer covers purple marks, but not scars. Be lucky.