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  1. Haven't tried Cerave but I use Neutrogena Oil Free for sensitive skin. Doesn't make me break out.
  2. I use BP daily too and use Palladio Wet/Dry Foundation found at Sally Beauty. I also use Mineral Fusion pressed foundation when I can afford it. I can buy that at Dermstore.com or at my local grocery store. I use Neutrogena moisturizer oil free for sensitive skin and I exfoliate using glycolic and/or salicylic acid once or twice a week at 20% strength found at amazon or ebay. That really helps to keep my pores unclogged and to rid my skin of the dry flakes.
  3. My face cleared up so well during pregnancy and the part of breastfeeding when I wasn't ovulating. I'm SURE it's hormone related. The only thing I've found that helped me was minocycline (which I was on for years) and glycolic and salicylic acid at 20% strength. You can't buy it that strong in a store... but it's on amazon and ebay. It really helped clear my skin and my daughter's skin. We both stopped the antibiotics and use only the acid and BP. Our faces have never been this clear. No
  4. No product will fill in the indentations. Use glycolic acid to help exfoliate layers of skin more quickly... the redness will fade over time. Use makeup to even skin tone but don't obsess about making them disappear. When you go that far, you are risking clogging pores and looking too fake with loads of concealer. Just use mineral foundation to even it out a bit. You will look great. Don't obsess! Nobody cares if your skin isn't perfect. They'll be looking at the big picture. Smile... D
  5. I use the 20% salicylic acid found on amazon by skin laboratories. I don't know how strong your rx was... but this stuff can only be left on 3 to 8 minutes and used every 3-7 days. It has worked wonders for me.
  6. I use both... switching off.... at least 3 days in between... usually longer. I haven't had any trouble using both. Sal acid prevents breakouts... cysts.... while glycolic acid gets rid of blackheads. I like them both.
  7. Thanks for the recommendation. I love glycolic acid too.... cleared my blackheads quickly and easily. I will look into that specific brand. (People freak when I tell them I use acid on my face, but I then tell them that all those otc pads have sal. acid... just a very weak strength... too weak to work on my skin. I just bumped up the strength... that's all. Actually, I would never have tried stronger acids until my derm sold me a 10% glycolic acid pad and it made a difference.... when nothi
  8. Isn't it crazy how long it takes to get an appointment with a dermatologist? They must have it made. Look at you... pull out their pad... write a few words... NEXT! I won't go anymore.... the minocycline helped me but it didn't cure anything... nor did the various topicals they gave me. Have you tried salicylic acid 20%? Just wondering... because it helped my acne (cystic) tremendously while the typical lower percentage sal. acid didn't help at all. Glycolic acid 35% also helps to ke
  9. I used one for months. No negatives, but didn't prevent clogged pores for me. Only the 20% salicylic acid is strong enough to exfoliate my skin.
  10. I just wanted to post an update. I am 50 and have had acne forever with super oily skin. The cysts that started a decade ago were the worst. I was on minocycline for years. I stopped the antibiotic in December and started using Salicylic acid found on amazon at 20% strength. I use it weekly for about 3 or 4 minutes (wipe on with q-tip). Daily I use a glycolic acid cleanser (Neutrogena anti wrinkle/anti blemish) and toner (neutrogena pore refining toner) and also a 5% micro benzoyl peroxide (acn
  11. My skin didn't get worse before it got better. It never has... with any product. Glycolic acid doesn't cause clogged pores. If you had them, you had them... you know? If I had them, they werne't a secret to me. I was aware. I get painful, deep cysts and I know when they're there.... trust me. I do agree to start weak with the percentage. I have tough skin and can tolerate higher levels. But, it CAN burn if used improperly. Start slow and be careful. I don't get it on my lips and I a
  12. I love glycolic acid. I use a 20% toner often and a daily cleanser that contains glycolic and salicyclic acid. I've also used 30% occasionally. It does help to exfoliate and keep pores open. My skin doesn't look like it did when I was a baby, but it helps to prevent cysts and other forms of acne...so, that's enough for me.
  13. It takes time to fade, but any exfoliation will help speed the process... including alpha hydroxy acid.
  14. I didn't notice if you take it with food. When my daughter took doxy, she had to take it after eating or she'd get really sick to her stomach and sometimes vomit. Also, why are you taking such small doses so frequently? Can't you take a higher dose once or twice a day?
  15. Yes... sometimes docs give you bad advice. It is temporary... the state of your face.... so try to think of other things and be patient. BP works. So does higher strength glycolic and salicylic acids (20% or higher).. they work to keep pores open. I highly suggest anyone with acne try these acids. Good luck and hang in there.