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    Healthy hydrated skin Clearer complexion Natural product Not a fast acting acne treatment I use this product for The Regimen, because it's gentle yet effective. It has a weird smell to some people but for me it's very good. I recommend this product for anyone who needs a gentle product. It also is 95% natural and paraben free!
  2. Pretty good!

    Keeps skin hydrated Natural ingredients Smells good Greasy alone doesn't have much effect on acne I started using this product along with the rest of the line about a half a year ago. They work to keep my acne at a minimal and keep the rest of my skin healthy. The moisturizer works but does make my skin look very greasy so I tend to use only very little in the day time and a regular amount at night.
  3. Great, so far!

    Creamy, nice feel to it Works fast on small acne Clean feeling Takes a while to work on larger and severe acne Too low of a time I started using this product after I bought the entire line of Yes to tomatoes products and it showed effectiveness in just the first days. It cleared up some of my smaller whiteheads and blackheads and left my skin with a clear and clean feeling all day. I highly recommend buying this product. Although if you use the product I would recommend experimenting with the
  4. Ok product

    Clears short term acne Reduces swelling Effective Cause redness and irritation Skin had a burnt look to it Not a long term product I started using this product over night, it cleared up my acne for a while but then it started to make my skin feel dry. I figured it was doing its job and I expected some dryness and flaking so I just used extra moisturizer. Then my mom pointed out that my skin looked almost burnt in a very unhealthy way. I was switching this product with a different benzoyl per