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  1. Yes your right about doctors attitudes! Amazing how rude they are. I just tell them i read in magazines online. And the antibiotic i was rx to prevent secondary infection . I am finished with it. Taking probiotics. Got a white tongue again.
  2. I just wanna say thanks to this site and forum. To ALL ots members who arent afraid to tell thiervstory, post pics, ask questions. And to Aussie Scientist. My skin is softer than when i was in my 20s, clearer, and the most recent and (I truly believe will be the LAST ONE I HAVE) lesion on my mouth is getting better, slowly but nicely. I would of kept digging at it but Aussies Scientists and other members posts, pictures, stories and guidance helped me so much. I had a cyst of some kind r
  3. I agree with Aussie Scientist! I had problems off and on for 20 years! Just left my doctor, told her i was using lotrimin she didnt understand. Im stopping the antibiotics they prescibed last week. Skin on nose is flaking again, lesion by mouth is not much better. I had a cyst by mouth but somehow i dug out the infection myself its gone have pictutes to prove it before and way before it flared up, my white tongue cones n goes have some pix, and during and after the flare up photos.
  4. Good today, still healing but much better... thanks to this group forum. Docs truly dont understand. Maybe acne comes with being bipolar.
  5. I just started using cetaphil face lotion for oily skin. Love it! At walmart, 15 bucks. Best product ive ever used.
  6. When you pull out the plug it bleeds.. goopy thick stuff or not? I mean blood so thick with crud u wonder how it gets out..? I ask cause i have same problems, i have even used top of razor to cut through the area, a very tiny poke w blade, to allow the infection, thick goopy blood full of crud, to drain, without removing plug but i think a few plugs comes out as the blood drains. And dang it feels good draining the area or pulling plugs. !
  7. Regarding the use of street drugs as cause that is bullshit. I have used, and prior to use and after sobriety i still have this same skin problem off and on. The drugs will worsen it, yes. And being high you are more likely to pick, and focus on whats in your skin. But dont blame dope for causing it! I am glad to have found this post, im having a bad episode right now and i do believe its yeast problem. Wish i had known this 25 years ago. Caused me so much distress now i hope to end