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  1. Hello there, I was on accutane for 7 months just a little over 2 years ago at the age of 13. I had quite severe acne and by month 7, my face was pretty much clear. Here I am 2 years later, with my acne returned. It's not as bad as it was 2 years ago, but it's still bad enough for me to go back on accutane. I have bad acne mainly on my cheeks and a little on my forehead, chest and back. I just got my blood test done yesterday and I have an appointment with my dermatologist this Thursday. If m
  2. sorry for not doing a blog for DAYS- have a lot of assignments and homework Anyway, my back pain has minimised a lot, but still quite painful. I have really really dry nose - have bloody boogers (ew) Lips already incredibly dry Bad memory? As for my face, its been going great. Its actually not really dry, its perfect, and my initial breakout has completely stopped and now my face is already starting to heal completely and its nearly 3 weeks - wow Thank you
  3. Today (day 11), my face has suddenly gotten a lot better, i dont know why though? Some say it will worsen again, some say i'll start getting better? I think my initial breakout has stopped (thank god) And I think I'm starting to heal? Is that possible? When its not even the 2nd week!?
  4. Sorry, havent been updating for the past 3 days, things has been the same i guess except, i have much more dry lips and my face is becoming more dry (which is quite good, since i have extremely extremely oily skin). My back pain has minimised a bit, and yeah. My face is still really horrible to look at, i dont know if i still have an IB, since my face is so bad - i cant tell But lets just hope i start getting better soon!
  5. nyr2014

    Accutane Day 5

    I'm on 20mg twice a day, which makes 40mg, today i broke out a lot worse again! its so disgusting to look at my face
  6. All I thought about at school today was: 'What time is it?', 'I'm tired', 'my back hurts', 'its so sunny' etc. It was been the worst day out of the 6 days yet. My initial breakout is horrible! Its not just one or two zits, i swear i have severe acne now. My face is sososo red and i have thousands of red big pimples! And my back is more painful now. My lips are so much more dry! And I just feel SO ugly! I just want this initial breakout to stop and start getting better already! I don
  7. nyr2014

    Accutane Day 5

    Hi, I'm on day 5 too! I've also been experiencing initial breakouts, a lot worse that what i ever had. But its efficient, most people will experience initial breakouts in the first month or two. However, some people wont. (majority will). Everyone is different, but you'll probably see differences within a month or two or three?
  8. These past two days, things has reallyreallyreally changed for me, first off, i've been breaking out horribly, i look tragic, but i heard most people experience an initial breakout. And I've also experienced back/neck pain, especially when i lay down, it will be painful for a while and then slowly minimise. Does anyone else experience this? My lips are certainly drier, so is my face.
  9. during these past 1-3 days, nothing has really changed, my skin looks slightly worse than before, but I heard it was normal My skin is still really oily, but my lips are slightly drier than before, but i have been applying vaseline and carmex - amazing combination!
  10. Hi guys, Yesterday, I got back from the derm, nothing wrong with my blood test and im on 20mg twice a day. I just took my first pill, and i swear my lips are already dry! Haha! Photos will be up soon
  11. Today was my second time at my dermatologist after the first time taking 'Doxycycline' which DID NOTHING. Anyway, hi! I'm an 13 year old girl, turning 14 in September. I have mild-severe acne, and got prescribed accutane today. Here I'll be uploading daily blogs about how my acne is going.