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  1. I just demarolled my face few minutes ago. Why didn't feel pain? Is the needles not punched deeper enough? By the way, do you have any suggestion what I should do now? I just let my face alone after I dermarolled it. Oh yeah I almost forgot. I used 2.5 mm needles' length.
  2. How long have you been dermarolling your face? How is the size of the needle? I have 2.5 mm dermaroller 540 needles and some numbing cream. I wonder how long the redness will fade away. [Edited image out] I picked the pic from google. This image was taken from the patient who underwent mixto treatment for acne scars.. Don't you see such improvement for your acne scars?
  3. I have WORSE LOL. You can imagine how I have to deal with There's no real solution to answer your question from me Life is really unfair, isn't it?
  4. hes too silly for thinking its gonna work , just let him be disappointed in the end since he wont listen lol He's fasting mostly for religious purpose I think. But please, everyone should not try it. Believe me, when it comes with physical injury, it has nothing to do with religious stuffs. What he is thinking is somewhat similar to water only regimen or not washing face at all. SInce my acne and scars are extremely bad, those stuffs only made everything worse. I regretted have done it after my
  5. You must find a professional for tca. If you don't find any I'd never do it. what type of your scars? how deep? and how long the needle/rolling did you have?
  6. I'm pretty sure it's just a waste of time and risks your body. I've been doing this when I was staying in a hospital for 3 weeks without eating. In a meanwhile, my acne was cleared up but scars are there. It's by no means worth it.
  7. He kept a long thread/log documenting his progress. He didn't post pictures. I think 1.5 too short, I have it too but because of my scars are too deep so it did not work, I did roller only 2 times though lol. But my skin after dermaroller fell off, I think I need deeper needle so my skin can regenerate deeper. I want to try something 2.5 mm, I searched for 3 mm or any longer but couldn't find any
  8. looked like. I have it numerous. be glad if you only have two.
  9. BUMP I really want to buy this one on ebay. I tried to bid 9 dollars but she could only offer 12 dollars lol ZGTS Titanium Micro Needle Skin Roller 2 5mm Anti Age Acne Derma Wrinkles Scar D I think my scars don't react with 1.5 dermaroller, I want to try something more extreme, I searched the 3 mm, but can't find
  10. You made me mad brother. You better off clean your ass than asking advice about your face. Seriously, you are ridiculous.
  11. hey, you have no acne. Why don;t you consider dermarolling? Just my thought
  12. I think it's better to light your face so your scars are noticeable.
  13. I'm 1000% sure microdermabrasion won't work!!! Keep your money to have something else. I don't know so much about laser, but I heard laser like a type of fraxel repair is good for those scars.However, risks are there.
  14. Those kind of acne (I don't know what type of cyst you mentioned) you have currently are potential to leave indents. As far as I remember, I had tons of them in my junior high school. Tons of my scars are on my face now.
  15. Really? But with everything I have tried, sadly none of them reduced my problems. And I can say that the more I tried to fix my skin, the more scars I got. Facial might seem reduce my acne, but then it made more indents. I remember exactly, my BIG boxcar on side of my nose was appeared few days later after I did a facial. I actually regretted that I thought my face skin could be easily replaced with another part of my body skin by surgery. Now, I think why there is a laser if replacing my skin